May 30, 2023

Sekaikomik – Sekaikomik Apk is an application that makes it easy for users to read Indo sub manga online. However, sometimes this application is blocked so that users cannot access it. To overcome this, Sekaikomik Apk is now available without blocking which can be downloaded easily.

Comic lovers now don’t have to bother buying books to read or carrying books everywhere. With cell phones, everyone can read comics anywhere. There are many comic applications that can be read for free. There are also a lot of comics provided, ranging from manga, anime, manhwa, and others with various genres and titles that are quite complete.

Sekaikomik Apk Review Read Manga with Indo Sub

Sekaikomik is an application for reading manga with Indo subtitles that offers various kinds of comics from Japan and Korea. This application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and can be used on Android devices.

One of Sekaikomik’s strengths is its complete comic catalog. You can find almost all popular manga titles here. Plus, this app offers high-quality, easy-to-navigate image views, making the reading experience even better.

In addition, the feature to add manga to the favorites list and continue reading from the last page read is also very helpful for users who want to keep track of the manga they are reading.

– Complete and constantly updated manga catalog.
– Choice of genres, including romance, action, comedy, horror, and others.
– Ability to add manga to favorites list.
– Ability to continue reading from the last page read.
– Display high-quality images and easy to navigate.


One of the drawbacks of the Sekaikomik application is the ad display which is quite annoying. Even though ads can be removed by paying a monthly subscription fee, many users are still annoyed by the ads that appear continuously.

In addition, this application does not provide a commentary feature or a forum to discuss manga with other users. This might be a drawback for users who want to interact with other manga reading communities.

One of the most widely used comic applications is Sekaikomik. This application has a comic collection of up to thousands. So you can read any version of comics, and with various titles.

Featured Features of Sekaikomik Apk

Sekaikomik Apk is an online comic reading application which is very popular in Indonesia. This application provides thousands of comic titles from various genres, such as romance, action, comedy, and many more.

Apart from that, Sekaikomik Apk is also equipped with excellent features that make your comic reading experience more enjoyable. The following are some excellent features that you can enjoy when using Sekaikomik Apk.

1. Thousands of Comic Titles

Sekaikomik Apk provides thousands of comic titles from various genres, ranging from romance, action, comedy, to horror. You can easily find comics that suit your taste by using the search feature or browsing through the available categories.

2. Updates Every Day

Sekaikomik Apk always updates the latest comics every day, so you won’t run out of reading material. You can easily find out the latest comics that have been updated through the available notifications.

3. Offline Reading feature

Sekaikomik Apk is also equipped with an offline reading feature, which allows you to read comics without having to be connected to the internet. You can download the comics you want to read and read them anytime and anywhere.

4. Bookmarks feature

Sekaikomik Apk has a bookmark feature that allows you to bookmark the page you are currently reading. With this feature, you can easily continue reading from the page you last read without having to search for that page again.

5. Zoom feature

Sekaikomik Apk is also equipped with a zoom feature, which allows you to enlarge comic images so that they are easier to read. You can enlarge an image by using pinch-to-zoom or double-tapping on the screen.

6. Night Mode feature

Sekaikomik Apk features a night mode, which allows you to read comics with a black background and white text. This feature is very useful when you read comics in low light, so it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

7. Comments feature

Sekaikomik Apk also has a comment feature, which allows you to interact with other users and provide opinions or recommendations regarding the comic you are currently reading.

Those are some excellent features that you can enjoy when using Sekaikomik Apk. With these features, your comic reading experience will be more enjoyable and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Download Sekaikomik Apk now and enjoy thousands of the best comic titles in Indonesia!

The advantages of the Sekaikomik Application

This Sekaikomik application is also available in the Apk mod version. The modifications given will of course make users more comfortable when using the Sekaikomik application. Some interesting features that you can get from Komikindo apk mod are:

1. A large collection of comics that you can read for free.
2. New episodes of the comic you are currently reading will always be updated quickly.
3. Notifications when new episodes of comics are read.
4. Available in Indonesian.
5. A comfortable and easy-to-use display.

Sekaikomik is also available in a web version. You can go directly to the website to read Indonesian comics for free if you’re too lazy to download the application.

With comic applications like Sekaikomik, comic lovers can read comics anywhere and anytime. So what are you waiting for? Immediately download the Sekaikomik application on your cellphone and enjoy a complete collection of comics for free.

Download Sekaikomik Mod Apk Read Comics with Indo Sub

If you are a comic reader, and are confused about which comic application is the best for reading comics. The answer doesn’t have to be doubtful anymore, namely Sekaikomik. You can get this application for free. Moreover, the features in it can make you comfortable. Because there are no annoying ads.

To download Sekaikomik, you can use the link below:

  • App name : Sekaikomik Apk Mod
  • Version : v1.1.12
  • Update : 19 August 2023
  • Downloads: HERE

Android that you can use to install Sekaikomik is version 4.5+. So, make sure the android used has minimum usage. So that the application can be used properly and there are no problems when used.

How to Install Sekai comic Apk on Android and iOS

You can’t get this Sekaikomik apk mod on the Play Store. So, even though there is a Komikindo application on the Play Store, it is a different application. Because, Sekaikomik Apk mod that we share this application has been modified to remove ads in the application.

So, how to install the application from Sekaikomik apk mod is also different from how to install the original application. To install applications from outside the Play Store, you need to do it manually. Here are the steps to easily install Sekaikomik Apk Mod;

  • First, make sure the Sekaikomik apk mod application has been downloaded to completion.
  • If so, do the settings on the cellphone that you use to install the application.
  • To do this, enter the menu Settings then there will be a menu Privacy & Policy. Just select the menu to get the next menu option.
  • There will be options for Enable Unknown Sources, To be able to install the Komikindo Apk Mod application, activate this option.
  • Next, Komikindo is ready to be installed.
  • How to enter the menu FileManager.
  • There are menu options Downloadsthere will be the Komikindo apk file that was downloaded earlier.
  • To start installing the application, tap the application so that the application installation process runs.
  • Wait until the application installation process is complete, if Sekaikomik is ready to use.
  • Finished.

How to read manga on Sekaikomik for free

If the Sekaikomik application has been installed, all you have to do is read the comics you like in the application. If you are still confused about using the Komikindo application, follow these steps:

  • First, please open the Sekaikomik Apk application that was installed earlier.
  • Next, register in the application, then log in using the username and password during registration.
  • To view chapters in comics, select menu latest comics.
  • Select a title to read.
  • If you enter a new tab containing ads, just close the page and ignore it.
  • Then choose which chapter you want to read.
  • To read offline, you can also download the chapter by pressing the button Downloads.

The advantages of the Sekai comic Apk Mod application

Using the Sekaikomik apk application will give you a lot of convenience when reading comics. In this application there are several advantages that you can feel. So, after installing the application you are definitely reluctant to use other applications. And stay loyal to using this Sekai comic application.

The first advantage, of course, this application has a very large comic reading list. You can see there are thousands of comic titles available from various genres. So that we won’t feel bored with just one comic title. Or while waiting for the latest chapter of the comic you usually read.

Apart from reading comics at Sekaikomik, we can also watch anime. So, when we get bored reading comics, we can watch the movies with fun. The films are also available in various genres and many titles. Surely you will not feel bored with this application.


Overall, Sekaikomik is an application for reading manga with Indonesian subtitles that is quite good and is recommended for manga fans. A complete comic catalog and high-quality image display make the reading experience even better. Even though the ads that appear are quite annoying and this application does not provide comments or forum features, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.

That’s the information we can share regarding the Sekaikomik apk mod. Hopefully the information we share is useful, don’t forget to read other articles too Because there is a lot of other interesting and updated information that you can read here.

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