June 4, 2023

Alight Motion 4.0.7 Apk – A video editing application called AM Mod version 4 0 7 is really being hunted by fans. Creator content editor. So, here is the download link for the latest Alight Motioo Pro v4.0.7 mod apk, which we share at the end of the article

For those of you who really like multimedia, video editing might be very interesting to try. No need to use a PC that has high specifications, you can use an application to edit videos using a cellphone. One of them is alight motion.

Alight motion is an application with extraordinary capabilities that is in great demand. What are the advantages of align motion compared to other applications such as Cute Cut and Inshot?

About Alight Motion 4.0.7 Apk

You don’t need to doubt the quality of this animation maker application. Alight Motion Pro is quite easy to use. If you find it difficult to operate the application, you can see a tutorial on how to operate this application on Youtube or the application itself.

You can use the app to edit videos to make them more enjoyable to watch by creating and adding motion, adding sound effects or background songs, and inserting animated images.

Once the video is created or edited, you can export it to your device or save it as a .gif or .mp4 file.

Alight Motion is actually made in two versions, namely the free version and the pro version. If you use the pro version, you will certainly get more benefits and excellent features.

However, if you use the pro version, you have to pay a subscription fee. If you want to use Alight Motion Pro without paying those fees you can use the mod version. This version has the same features as the paid version.

Features of Alight Motion Pro 4.0 7 mod APK

Alight Motion Mod APK version 4.0.7 is an application that has been modified to meet certain needs that are not found in the regular version of Alight Motion. What are the special features? Here’s the review.

Adjustment Interface
Not only is the interface neat and clean, in this version of Alight Motion Mod APK you can also change the appearance of the interface according to existing needs. You can download some skins for this interface as your collection.

Seamless Blend Videos
This is a feature where you can merge two videos very smoothly without being seen by the viewer. This feature is very popular with YouTubers who make compilation videos because the videos will be neater.

Transition Customization
By using Alight Motion Mod APK you can customize the type of transition between videos you want. So far no less than 20 types of transitions are available. This transition can be applied in video editing or creating animated videos.

Filter Presets
Alight Motion Mod APK supports interconnection with other platforms such as twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and Youtube. In this way, you can immediatelyuploaded your animated videos to multiple platforms.

Preset Filters
Preset filers are filters that the app presets in such a way that you can apply them. So far there are 30 more filters for the Alight Motion Mod APK ready to use. However, you can also customize it yourself if you want.

Dolby recording
Dolby Recording makes it easy for you to sound your own animated videos. You don’t have to come to the studio and spend a lot of money. You only need to record sound through Dolby Recording which is only available in Alight Motion Mod APK.

High Resolution Nuance
Shades are the vibrant colors of your videos. Nuance features are in the free version but not as good as this modified version. There are more than 40 color nuances that you can choose to match the video theme.

Unlimited Sound Effects
you can connect to servers sound effect download for Alight Motion Mod APK. The number is very large because it continues to beupdates from day to day. So, making animated videos is no longer difficult.

Unlimited Fonts
Letters or fonts are important in video editing activities. In the pro version, there are many fonts that you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

Without Water Marks
Watermark or watermarks is the most unpleasant thing about free video editor apps. However, by downloading Alight Motion Pro, you will no longer have to deal with watermarks.

Multiple Edits
By using the Alight Motion Mod APK, you can edit more than one video at a time. You can open multiple videos at once as long as your phone’s RAM is strong. Not only that, the application also has a tabular that can be used to select which video you want to edit first.

Tips for Creating Animated Videos Using Alight Motion Mod
Here are some tips for creating animated videos with Alight Motion Mod APK.

Keep it as simple as possible
Don’t make the animation too complicated. Because now many people prefer simple video edits.

Short duration
Don’t make very long animated videos. The longer the animation, the more scenes you have to see. Apart from that, the short duration will also make it easier for you to re-edit this video at a later time if there are any deficiencies.

Minimize Colors
Don’t make videos with tacky and inappropriate color mixes. The color combination must be considered carefully so that your video animation runs smoothly and is comfortable to watch.

Use External Microphone while recording
When you’re dubbing your animation, use the additional microphone it’s normally plugged into headset jack. By using an external microphone, your voice will sound clearer.

Hopefully reviews the Alight Motion Mod APK application above is useful. Remember, keep trying to make animations using your smartphone anywhere and anytime so that you become more skilled.

The difference between Alight Motion Mod vs Alight Version Original

Still confused about whether to download the regular version of the Alight Motion application or the pro version? To convince you, we recommend that you look at the differences between Alight Motion ‘Mod’ Pro and the regular or free version of Alight Motion below.

Alight Motion ‘Mod’ 4.0.7 Apk Alight Motion Apk
The resulting video does not have a watermark so it looks more professional and exclusive. The resulting video is accompanied by a watermark. This makes a video look ‘cheap’ and less liked by the audience.
The features in it are very complete and can be used by users without any restrictions. Some features are still locked and cannot be used by users. This limits the creativity of creators.
Has a very large number of fonts, there are tens or even hundreds. All premium fonts have also been unlocked and ready to use. The number of fonts is very small and limited when compared to the pro version. This makes the appearance of videos or animations look boring.
Users can enter various types of videos with various qualities, formats and sizes. Video resolution and quality are severely limited.
There are no ads that appear intermittently while editing videos There are many display ads that appear suddenly. Distractions like this make the user less concentration.
Videos can be exported in a variety of formats and qualities. The choice of video formats and quality is very limited.

After understanding all the explanations above, are you sure you want to download and use the application Alight Motion Pro? Don’t hesitate to pour your creativity into a work with all the complete features in the Alight Motion application version 4.0.7

Download Alight Motion Pro (Mod Apk) v4.0.7

Alight Motion Pro Many animation video creators are in demand because it has a motion designing effect that makes it easier to create the work. Unfortunately, to get the application, users need to pay a subscription fee first.

Then a group of developers made modifications to the application so that it could be accessed for free. Such applications are known as mod applications.

You can’t download Alight Motion mod version 4.0.7 from Playstore like other applications. You need to download it from a third-party application provider. You don’t need to bother looking for the site that provides the application because there is already a link that can be clicked here.

Link Download AM Mod Apk Version 4.07:

Details Description
Name Alight Motion Pro
Version Updates v4.07
Price Free
Files APKs
Download Alight Motion Pro Here

Click the link above, then scroll down the page until you find Download Links. Then click again on the link Download Alight Motion Pro Apk . A moment later, the application will be downloaded automatically and stored on the smartphone’s internal storage.

Link Download AM Mod Apk Old Version:

Details Description
Name Alight Motion Pro
Updates Old Version
Price Free
Files APKs
Download Alight Motion Pro Here

After successfully downloading the application, you must enable third-party application install permission. Then install it manually.

How to Install AM MOD 4.0.7 (Alight Motion) Pro

After downloading the pro version of the Alight Motion application via the link above, you also have to install it first so that this application can be used. Here’s how to install as well as how to use the Alight Motion application.

  • The first step you have to take to install this application is to first open the file manager application that you normally use.
  • After that, open the folder where the downloaded application file is stored, then click the application file.
  • Click the Install button and if there is a request for permission to install applications from third parties, you can select the Allow option.
  • Wait a few moments for the application to be successfully installed, then click the Done option.

Thus the discussion regarding the latest AM MOD version 4.0.7 (Alight Motion) Pro apk without watermark. I hope this helps.

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