May 31, 2023 – Lately there has been a lot of talk about the differences between the Samsung Galaxy A12 and A22 because they have just been released and are very popular with young people.

These two cellphones compete with each other in the market, because the capacities of the two cellphones have an advantage in terms of battery resources with a capacity of 5000 mAh and are supported by fast charging speeds of up to 15W.

Of the two cellphones, there is a slot for a 3.5mm audio jack with one of its uses, namely being able to attach earphones. There is a USB feature, both the Samsung Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A22, according to the use of USB Type-C 2.2.

How really interesting is not the discussion of the two cellphones, the Samsung developer wants to create a cellphone with above average capacity compared to other cellphone brands.

All right, if you are curious about the differences between the two cellphones, you can refer to our discussion this time regarding the differences in each of the two Samsung cellphones.

Before entering into understanding and also seeing the discussion about the differences between the two cellphones. So you should look at the specifications on the Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A22 phones in full, you can see below.

Samsung Galaxy A12 specifications

Screen PLS TFT 6.5 inch
Chipsets Media Tech Helio P35
Internal Memory 128GB
Camera 48MP (wide) 5MP (ultrawide)
Battery LiPo 5000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy A22 specifications

Screen Super AMOLED 6.4 inch
Chipsets Media Tech Helio G80
RAM 6gb
Internal Memory 128GB
Camera 48MP (wide) 8MP (ultrawide)
Battery LiPo 5000 mAh

The difference between the Samsung Galaxy A12 vs A22

After you see the specifications of the two cellphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy A12 and the Samsung Galaxy A22.

Have you seen the specifications of the cellphone above, have you found the differences between the two cellphones? If you haven’t found the difference between the two cellphones, then you should watch and get the information below.

1. Size on the HP Body

If any of you already have the intention to buy the Samsung Galaxy A12 cellphone, then you should not make the mistake of buying the Samsung Galaxy A22 cellphone or maybe vice versa. Why is that? Because in terms of the appearance of the two HPs the shape of the HP Body looks exactly the same, both from the front and back of the HP.

Not only that, for the rear view it has been designed from plastic material and can present a camera box on the upper left side of the body. Then, on the side of the body there are volume buttons, power button, and 3.5 mm audio jack, up to the Speaker.

Also from these two cellphones, there is a place to put a SIM card, and dual stand-by. The competition started because it can be seen from the body and dimensions of the two cellphones, weighing up to 205 grams. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has dimensions of 164 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm.

And the Samsung Galaxy A22 has a lighter body, which is 186 grams, and has dimensions of 159.3 x 73.6 x 8.4 mm. Even though the two have differences, the Samsung brand cellphone is still comfortable to hold.

2. Technology Off Screen

In presenting a quality display for its users, Samsung has presented screen technology from its various products. Of course, this is made of the screens of the HP Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A22, although both have their own differences.

Regarding the size of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy A12 has appeared on the market with 6.5 inches, while the Samsung Galaxy A22 has a smaller size, which is 6.4 inches. However, in terms of the size of the screen ratio compared to the body, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy A22 or its bezel has a narrow size.

Even though the screen display is 84.3% wide, the Samsung A12 is stuck at 82.1%. The two cellphones are still comfortable to use in playing applications and online games.

3. Kitchen Runway

The kitchen runway owned by these two cellphones has a conflict, and it starts with the operating system from the Samsung Galaxy A12 and runs Android 10. This is because the operating system on the Samsung A12 device will get the opportunity to update to Android 11.

In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy A22 which already has Android 11 which is based on One UI core 3.1. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has collaborated with the MediaTek company to insert the MT6765 Helio P35 Chipset and the process reaches 12 nanometers.

Regarding the CPU, it has been designed by Octa-core which is made of Cortex-A53 and has a speed of 2.35 Ghz, there are four cores and Cortex-A53 which has a total of four cores and has a low speed of up to 1.8 Ghz.

4. Camera Procedure

The Samsung Galaxy A12 or Samsung Galaxy A22 are almost compatible with a Quad-camera accompanied by HDR, panorama and finally LED flash features. The location of the sensor is on the main camera, and it is exactly the same as the LED flash which is at the bottom of the camera.

For videography, it uses a resolution of 1080p to 30fps. Then, the difference between the two cellphones with respect to the main camera can be seen from the form that is located just below. The function of the wide sensor is to capture images so that they look clearer.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 camera has a size of 48 MP with an aperture of f/2.0 which is accompanied by AF, compared to the Samsung Galaxy A22 which has a resolution of 48 which is not supposed to be f/1.8 equipped with PDAF and IOS.

5. Color, Sensor, and Price

There are differences between the two cellphones according to the developers from Samsung, including the presence of a sensor, color and price. The Samsung Galaxy A12 sensor itself has a fingerprint that functions as security, and also an accelerometer that can measure speed.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A22 adds a gyro sensor that can detect rotation and also orientation in the position of the cellphone which is useful for playing games. And Can provide security with a touch screen sensor, by swiping the screen upwards as usual when picking up the phone.

In terms of prices, the prices for the two cellphones are definitely different, if you buy the Samsung Galaxy A12 with 4/128GB RAM type, the price is around Rp. 2.3 million per one. And the price offered for the Samsung Galaxy A22 is around IDR 2.7 million per unit with 4/64GB RAM.

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