May 31, 2023

Decimal Fractions To Ordinary Fractions Class 4 – Numbers include fractions and tens. A fractional number is a number that divides all the parts. Dividends are denoted by a/b. The top is called the source, and the bottom is called the source. Note that b does not equal 0.

There are also decimal numbers consisting of two or more digits. Then tens, hundreds, or thousands. An example of a decimal number is 2, 7 – 2 is tens, 7 is tens.

Decimal Fractions To Ordinary Fractions Class 4

The way to convert ordinary fractions into decimals is to divide the number by the number. For example, the area is 3/4, students divide 3 by 4 and the result is 0.75. Another way is to change the string to 10 or 100.

Class 4 Practice Questions, Theme 1 Fractions

Decimal units can be converted to regular units. Decimal function is to explain or simplify the arrangement of fractions. The way to convert tens to an ordinary fraction is to move the group to the right as the number behind the group.

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