May 29, 2023 – Pertamina Gas Sub Holding Affiliate, PT Pertamina Gas Operation Dumai Area (Pertagas ODA) commemorates the day Biodiversity with the planting of 1,000 trees in Lake Bunga Tujuh, Bukit Batrem Village, East Dumai District, Dumai City, Tuesday (23/05).

This tree planting aims to restore the function of the forest to maintain water availability, protect ecosystems, control floods and overcome climate change caused by greenhouse gases.

As many as 500 Swietenia Mahagoni trees or often called Mahogany and 500 Artocarpus Integer trees which are more popularly known as Cempedak trees were planted along the lake’s edge.

This activity was also attended by the Dumai City Environment Service (DLH), representatives of the Natural Resources Conservation Center and representatives of the Bukit Batrem Village, student representatives from the Islamic Student Association (HMI).

“It is our common concern to continue to protect the environment and the ecosystems in it, the assistance of 1,000 trees from Pertagas will provide benefits for life,” said Ast Manager QHSSE Technical & Budget Pertagas ODA, Dita Maulana, when giving a speech.

This tree planting activity empowered the Banget Bethol Forest Farmers Group as an active partner in environmental conservation and nursery activities.

commemorating Biodiversity Day, Pertagas Plants 1000 Trees in Dumai

Edison Damanik as the Head of the Group was grateful for Pertagas’ role in caring for the environment with the assistance of 1,000 trees.

“Pertagas’ role in contributing to environmental preservation is an example for other companies, and the procurement of seeds has increased the welfare of Forest Farmers Groups,” said Edison.

In a separate place Communication Relations & CSR Manager Imam Rismanto conveyed that this activity was Pertagas’ commitment to implementing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) values ​​to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with pillar no 13 (Climate Change Handling) and pillar number 15 (Sustainability Mainland Ecosystem) which is carried out by prioritizing environmental countermeasures and measurable impacts.

Imam Rismanto explained, planting 1,000 seedlings of Mahogany and Cempedak trees was carried out in commemoration of Biodiversity Day which is celebrated on May 21 each year.

“With one tree planted, it will grow a blessing in the form of the continuity of the earth and the next generation,” concluded Imam. (Rls)

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