June 8, 2023

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Select Digital Camera or Smartphone – Technological developments always demand something practical or simple, as one example is a camera, where as a feature of technology it seems to have become a staple. Therefore, to get the features of a camera, we can get it on a smartphone device. And in this technological era, every smartphone device must have a camera feature.

Very practical isn’t it? If you are traveling and want to capture a moment that you see, you can immediately capture it with the smartphone camera that you have. From time to time the development of technology on this camera is also growing, of course to improve the quality of the camera itself so that it can match digital cameras in general.

Select Digital Camera or Smartphone

Select Digital Camera or Smartphone

So, those are some of the advantages of the camera on a smartphone, which is more practical to carry anywhere and also easier to operate, not too many settings and settings before taking pictures or recording videos.

But what if we compare in terms of the quality and quantity of the results of the images and videos produced by these two devices. In our opinion, the quality of smartphone cameras is still inferior to digital cameras and cannot match digital cameras which are intended for taking photos and videos.

Even though the two devices have the same camera resolution, the pixel sizes of the two cameras are different so the light reception on these two cameras is different. So that is one of the factors that makes shots from digital cameras still superior to smartphone camera results to date.

That’s why, for serious or official events, digital cameras are still the choice to capture them instead of smartphone cameras. Because of its practicality, smartphone cameras are preferred only as a complement or taking pictures or videos on casual events.

And also smartphone cameras are still inferior in terms of optical zoom and larger image sensors on digital cameras. However, for people who are not professional photographers, the features or quality of this smartphone camera are more than enough to take satisfying pictures. Currently there are also several smartphones that use high technology and even the pixel size has exceeded that of a digital camera.

So what are you going to use a camera for, that’s where your wisdom is to choose the two devices. If you just want to capture beautiful moments when you are with friends, family, maybe the camera on your smartphone is more than enough. However, if it is used for photographers or official events, then a digital camera is the best choice.

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