May 28, 2023

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Mirrorless Or DSLR – In recent months, camera manufacturers have been competing to present Mirrorless cameras, there are lots of Mirrorless cameras circulating in Indonesia, but in Indonesia itself so far there is still very little use of Mirrorless cameras, and if you say Indonesia is only about 15% who use Mirrorless cameras, this is very different from other countries such as Singapore, where they have a percentage of around 40% of Mirrorless camera users. This is quite reasonable because maybe Indonesians don’t really know the quality of Mirrorless cameras, even though Mirrorless cameras have equivalent quality and some are even better when compared to DSLR cameras.

Maybe there are also many who think that the bigger the camera, the more sophisticated and high-quality it is and there are many features in it. Even though if we talk about photo quality, then we definitely refer to the size of the sensor that is already in the camera, and until now there have been many Mirrorless cameras that have the same image sensor as DSLR cameras, such as APS-C sensors, full frame. Or maybe there are other reasons, such as the price of mirrorless cameras and lenses, which are still quite high when compared to DSLR cameras.

Mirrorless Or DSLR

Choose Which Mirrorless or DSLR?

Regarding the selling price of mirrorless cameras, prices have decreased a lot, this is different from the selling price of about 2-3 years ago, but unfortunately the choice of lenses for this camera is still quite high. Because of this, DSLR camera users are reluctant to move to Mirrorless, especially if the DSLR camera user already has quite a lot of lenses and accessories, of course they have to think twice. Even though the number of DSLR camera purchases continues to decline, the reality is that there are still many who buy DSLR cameras compared to mirrorless cameras.

If we talk further about DSLR cameras, there are two well-known vendors, namely Canon and Nikon, even so that doesn’t stop Canon and Nikon from presenting Mirrorless cameras, both vendors also have Mirrorless systems. It is undeniable that currently there are many smartphones equipped with cameras with super high resolution, and one of the declines in sales of DSLR cameras is due to the existence of these smartphones. In the past, ordinary people bought DSLR cameras because they wanted clear image quality, now many are satisfied with the quality of cameras and images produced by Smartphones.

Will mirrorless cameras replace DSLR cameras?
If you look at it in 2016, it is certain that DSLR cameras will be replaced by Mirrorless, because until now there have been many Mirrorless cameras that have specifications above DSLR cameras. Even so, of course, it will still take another year or two.

Even so, DSLR cameras will still have their own fans, as we have said above, because they have invested hundreds of millions to buy lenses and accessories from the DSLR cameras themselves.

Choose a Mirrorless or DSLR Camera?

If you want the answer, you need to know what are the advantages of mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras, for that please carefully look at our review below to get to know these two cameras better.

Advantages of Mirrorless Cameras
1. Compact size and light weight, that way you can carry more lenses without feeling burdened and objectionable, for example you are carrying a set of DSLR camera systems that weigh approximately 5 kg but with a mirrorless camera it is only around 3 kg.
2. Suitable for shooting street photography and also human interest.
3. Mirrorless cameras rely on live view and also an electronic viewfinder, so you can easily see whether the focus is or not, light or dark, because what we see is the result.
4. The adaptation of mirrorless cameras is higher, because you can use old lenses or lenses that are not of the same brand with the adapter. And manual focus is more sophisticated than DSLR cameras because many mirrorless cameras have a focus peaking feature.
5. Focus anywhere, including to the edge of the photo frame easily, whereas for DSLR cameras most of the focus is in the middle, and the autofocus speed of the generation of Mirrorless cameras is also fast.

Advantages of DSLR Cameras
1. The optical viewfinder is more effective, in bright or too dark conditions the DSLR camera remains stable. Besides that, DSLR grips are much more fitting in the hand, because mirrorless are equipped with a thin body
2. It’s easier to find levers and buttons, and it’s also easy to press because it’s still within reach of the hand.
3. The battery is bigger, in one charger (Full) a DSLR camera can last one day to accompany you on a trip. Whereas mirrorless cameras require 2-3 times the charger to accompany you for a walk.
4. Suitable for work as a photographer, because if a photographer uses a mirrorless camera it is considered that he is not serious about his job.

Before deciding which camera, of course you have to read our review carefully this time, if for work you should use a DSLR camera, and for example you like taking pictures of course there are still mirrorless cameras equipped with much better images than DSLR cameras, and of course the choice is on your own.

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