May 29, 2023

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Breathing Techniques When Lifting Weights

There are several main components in lifting weights that need attention, namely stretching, warming up, and proper technique, including breathing control techniques. Proper breathing techniques will increase strength, prevent us from injury, and prevent fatal accidents while exercising. Even though it seems simple, not many people know the correct breathing technique when lifting weights. Usually, when lifting weights, a person will take a deep breath and hold it while doing the lift. And, as he lowered the weights, he would exhale.


Turns out, the technique was wrong. Why? When bearing weight, the muscles will contract and the blood vessels will be compressed so that blood flow is not smooth. It makes the heart work harder and blood pressure will rise. If someone has a history of heart disease or cardiovascular disease, then this condition will be dangerous for their health – in fact, their soul. This health risk has the potential to occur because when the blood flow is pinched, the blood will push against the blood vessels, allowing the blood vessels to rupture. Not only that, high blood pressure will also have the potential to press against the lungs and cause back pressure on the heart.

This condition makes the heart twisted. If allowed to drag on, the blood vessels associated with the heart will narrow so that blood pressure rises permanently. Perform the correct breathing technique when lifting weights, namely by exhaling when lifting weights and inhaling when lowering weights. This makes your lungs deflate so that blood flow will flow more easily. Not only is the momentum of inhaling and exhaling important, the technique of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth is no less important. Inhaling through the nose allows the air to enter the lungs cleaner because it is filtered first by the nose hairs. After that, then issued more freely through the mouth.

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