June 4, 2023

Bokeh effect Oppo F5 Youth – After officially launching the newest Selfie Expert F5 device, OPPO has officially launched the latest version of this device, the OPPO F5 Youth in Indonesia. OPPO F5 Youth is designed to empower consumers to experience the beauty of F5, full-screen FHD+ with AI Beauty Recognition Technology camera technology, and attractive features such as face unlock which is ready to unlock the device instantly.

With a lower price, OPPO F5 Youth continues to present the advantages of AI Beauty Recognition Technology which is embedded in a 16 megapixel front camera with a large F/2.0 aperture. Meanwhile, the rear camera itself is equipped with a 13 megapixel sensor with an aperture of F / 2.2.

Bokeh effect Oppo F5 Youth

The presence of AI Beauty Recognition Technology allows selfies with this device to show more realistic results. More than 200 facial points are detected and then differentiated by skin color, skin type, gender, and age and matched against a global database to personalize the selfie results. In addition, the front camera of the F5 Youth also supports bokeh effects and HDR optimization.

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In addition to a capable front camera, the F5 Youth is also equipped with Facial Unlock which is ready to unlock the device with a fast response time of 0.4 seconds. Apart from that, OPPO has also placed a fingerprint sensor on the back for device security.

OPPO F5 Youth uses the fast and energy-efficient ColorOS 3.2 interface system with 3GB of RAM and the Helio P23 processor with an Octa core manufactured at 16nm, which results in a performance increase of 20 percent and a power saving of 10 percent. F5 Youth is also equipped with O-Share OPPO device sharing feature, which provides transfer speeds 100 times faster than sharing via Bluetooth 4.2. 10 images with 3MB file size each can be transferred between OPPO phones in 1 second. The Do Not Disturb feature in game mode also makes it easier for users to receive phone calls without interrupting the game.

Armed with a 3200 mAh battery and optimized by ColorOS 3.2, it gives users 12 hours of continuous use under normal use. The F5 Youth is also equipped with three slots that can accommodate two nano-SIM cards and microSD expansion up to 256GB.

F5 Youth comes in black and gold and will be available starting today at OPPO Devices, OPPO Store, Indonesia’s leading fashion retailer and e-commerce network at a price of Rp. 3.599 million Want to know more? Full details here.

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In this article: oppo f5 youth, specifications for oppo f5 youth, prices for oppo f5 youth, prices for oppo f5 youth, features of f5 youth, prices for f5 youth Yes, Oppo F5. Just launched in early November 2017, Oppo F5 has caught the attention of selfie lovers with several feature updates and camera quality improvements. 7 Oppo F5 camera reviews.

namely artificial intelligence technology that is similar to human cognitive abilities, aims to simplify various aspects of life.

Oppo F5 uses artificial intelligence technology built into the camera. What’s the result? The argument against the machine language-like paradox of artificial intelligence is its ability to make the beauty of the human face look natural.

Artificial intelligence works with this 20 megapixel camera to “recognize” body contours to maximize facial optimization for selfie lovers.

New features of Oppo F5, suitable for those who like selfies

By looking at your face on the screen, the Oppo F5 can recognize facial features through 200 recognition points. When you

, the Oppo F5 camera can recognize light levels and adjust facial symmetry to create selfies that look natural. Parts are also available

In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, the Oppo F5 camera can recognize gender, approximate age and skin color and make corrections to the final photo.

Add a new dimension to your photos with the Oppo F5 camera, which enhances the quality of the bokeh in the photo background. No other photos shown

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