June 8, 2023

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Best SmartTV with 4k Resolution, PHILIPS 55PUT6800

It’s clear that the Philips 6800 series televisions are a mid-range model when looking at their prices and fall between the 9000 and 8000 series. However, you’ll be amazed by the specs such as 700Hz Perfect Motion rate, four HDMI ports (one of which supports HDCP 2.2), three USB ports, and RJ-45 LAN jack, Wi-Fi Direct and HEVC support, plus an elegant metal stand design. 55PUT6800 is also a Smart TV based on the Android operating system. List of 2018 Cheapest iPhone Prices Official iBox Indonesian Distributors

best smartTV 4k screen

Google Play support lets you enjoy various apps, especially games; and Google Cast lets you cast apps on your mobile device to your television. There is 8 GB of storage for apps, expandable by connecting a USB drive. The dual core processor keeps the interface performing smoothly on almost all fronts. A feature of Philips televisions for many years, Ambilight is back in the 6800 series. By emitting light from both sides of the television, it strives to convey a wider screen feel and is easier on the eyes.

By default, the image doesn’t look very bright, mainly due to selecting the Standard picture mode to save energy. Vivid mode is created for brighter and more saturated presentations, but Movie mode is our favorite because it provides a good balance of detail and accurate colors. Screen uniformity looks good overall. As a television with edgelit LED lighting, the 6800 uses the Dimming Pro system to optimize contrast based on ambient light conditions. Basically, the system analyzes the image in 6,400 zones to determine the backlight settings. Although we noticed inconsistent backlighting in some scenes, it wasn’t too distracting.

For an affordable 4K television, we can say this television has a good black level performance. Resolution is also maintained during fast scenes. Natural Motion is Philips’ proprietary motion enhancement technology for dealing with judder annoyances, and in our experience, it works well. But you may want to turn it off when watching 24p content. If you want your first 4K television and don’t want to overspend, the Philips 55PUT6800 should be on the list. AIO PC computer for Heavy gaming

Price 32 million

  • Sharp Aquos 4K Android TV

To maintain its achievement as the number one television market share in Indonesia, Sharp released a series of LED TVs and Android TVs with the latest features and technology. One of the highlights is the Sharp Aquos 4K Android TV which is capable of presenting image quality that captures the sharpness of objects as they really are. This display is the result of combining 4K technology and High Dynamic Range technology. In November 2018, Sharp will also present its latest innovation by releasing the Sharp 8K TV.

Price 18 Million

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