May 31, 2023

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Best Selfie Digital Camera – Today it can be said that everyone is a photographer. Because every cell phone or smartphone they have has the possibility of having a camera, so they can take pictures whenever and wherever they want.

Of course the resulting image quality varies according to the quality of the smartphone camera, but currently the latest generation of premium class smartphones are considered to be able to match the image quality produced by a pocket digital camera, and this is considered sufficient for the majority of consumers.

Best Selfie Digital Camera

The Best Selfie Digital Camera Prices

So if you want even better pictures from the smartphone camera you have? You don’t need to immediately switch to a DSLR camera, because now there are many pocket or mirrorless cameras that can produce your selfie photos that are even more stunning and addicting.

Samsung NX500

The Samsung NX500 camera is equipped with a 28.2 MP lens that is capable of producing high-quality photo and video shots that reach 4K resolution. Taking pictures is also more efficient with the NX Autofocus System III utiliez feature.

Best Price for the Best Selfie Digital Camera, Samsung NX500

And in continuous shooting, this camera is capable of capturing images at speeds of up to 9 frames per second. In addition, this digital camera is also equipped with a tilt touch screen LCD monitor. To have it you have to spend a budget of ± 7.7 million.

Nikon J5 & Sony Alpha A5100

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