June 4, 2023

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Football Manager Mobile 2016, the Best Android Offline Football Game, https://teknorus.com/

Being a football manager gives its own satisfaction. Especially if dealing with a big team of the world. And this can also be done in an offline football game Android Football Manager Mobile 2016.

This game is not unlike the one found in the Football Manager game which is played via a desktop computer device. Although, of course, the graphic quality of Football Manager Mobile 2016 cannot be compared to the latest edition of Football Manager game at the moment. This game has simple graphics with rounded dots.

the latest football manager game 2016

With graphic quality that is not too burdensome, the game Football Manager Mobile 2016 can be played on almost all types of Android smartphones. Mainly for Android smartphones in the upper middle segment. But this game is not free, to download it a gamer must pay 129 thousand rupiah.

When compared to the desktop version, the Football Manager Mobile 2016 game is quite far. Not only in terms of graphics, the gameplay of this game is also simpler. Although indeed, this game was both made by Sega. Even so, for a game on mobile devices, Football Manager Mobile 2016 is more than enough.

This game provides a choice of teams from 14 countries around the world. The main thing is of course the teams from the big European leagues. Gamers can also buy, sell or borrow players from other clubs. Apart from that, this game also provides a team management tool. And to play this game, the Android device that is used must at least use the Android OS Gingerbread 2.3.3.

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