May 29, 2023

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Browsing Up To Office Work With Dell Vostro 3458

Office workers now don’t only struggle with paper reports, because there are already gadgets that make it easy to work. There is no need to make written reports anymore if in digital form it can provide a better view, for those of you who need supporting tools you can use the Dell Vostro 3458. This is one of the newest product variants from Dell that can help work performance to surf in cyberspace.

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It cannot be denied that the need for cyberspace has woven into all lines, even students also use money to support their education. Using the Dell Vostro in, you can work and browse more comfortably, because it already uses an Intel Core i3 processor with a speed of up to 1.7 GHz which can boost performance to even more leverage. Packaged in a size of 34.2 x 24.4 x 3.1 centimeters, this will be a device that can maximize your performance and entertainment.

Advantages of dell vostro 3458

The description above still doesn’t interest you, Dell Vostro 3458 still has a myriad of advantages that you shouldn’t just pass up. You can go through the routine of work, entertainment and surfing in cyberspace to the fullest without pauses, even when you’re browsing you won’t find the slightest flaws. Here are some of the advantages of the latest Dell products:

  • Maximum runway. Every time you buy electronic goods, you will first look at the specifications, right? For laptops, you will definitely refer to the components in it. Where the processor already uses a core i3 with two processors and additional Hyper Threading technology which can produce twice the speed. It was already mentioned that speeds of up to 1.7 GHz means that it can maximize up to 2.5 GHz if both processors are active simultaneously. This advantage can certainly support faster performance, especially with 4 GB of RAM so that you can access the internet even more freely.
  • Stunning screen quality. Satisfied with the kitchen spur, you can see again in terms of the display screen which measures 14 inches with HD resolution of 720 pixels with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Coupled with TrueLife technology which will make the image display clearer and look more real.

Weaknesses of Dell Vostro 3458

You could say this new variant from Dell is perfect, but there are still a few flaws that you have to consider beforehand, this happens on an operating system that still uses DOS so you have to install the application again to be able to surf in cyberspace. Now it’s not difficult not to get any operating system, you just need to download it.

Price for dell vostro 3458

Already in love with the look and the Dell Vostro 3458, you can take this laptop home with a price in the price range of just 5 million, it’s quite comparable with all the facilities provided so you can work while looking for entertainment in cyberspace.

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