May 30, 2023

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ASUS X200MA-KX264D become one of the best-selling notebooks from Asus on the market. One notebook is a series of X200MA and is available in 4 color choices, namely red, blue, white and black. Regarding the specifications, this notebook uses an Intel Celeron N2990 processor. The hard drive capacity is 500 GB, large enough to store your various files. While the RAM embedded in this device is a capacity of 2 GB. With this RAM support, you can open various applications easily and without a hitch.


With the specifications you have ASUS X200MA-KX264D you can also use it to play modern games with high graphics. This notebook uses an 11.6-inch screen, which is ideal for those of you who need a notebook to carry anywhere. This notebook is also equipped with other advantages such as sonicmaster technology. With this technology, this notebook has a clear, clear and louder sound. Not only that, the touchpad and keyboard on this notebook are quite responsive and comfortable to use.

For the quality of the image display, of course there is no doubt, this notebook produces very good images. The resulting image is very clear and also good, you will feel satisfied watching using this notebook. With a hard disk capacity of 500 GB, you can store your favorite movies and watch them whenever you want. Because the size is not too big, so you can carry it ASUS X200MA-KX264D is easier for both hanging out, school or work.

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