May 28, 2023

There have been attempts to ship illegal substances into France. On Friday, May 19, 57-year-old Dirk Wiessmeyer, who had been granted an arrest warrant, appeared at the new Gkeberch court.

South African opiate general representative for birds of prey Skipper Yolisa Mgolodela said she was caught by the association. In Kirkwood, Wiesmeyer was arrested at Hotel Lemon 3. He was arrested on charges of opiate dealing.

On May 18 at approximately 2:00 pm, 2022, Wismeyer left his house near the green section of the shopping center in Geberche to send a tick worth around R4,000 to France via postnet. Wismeijer was arrested on May 19, 2023, after an inspection by SOCI resulted in a warrant for his arrest. Wismeijer is being tried on R5,000 bail after appearing in court the day he was arrested.

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