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Area of ​​Java Island Based on Map – Java Island is part of Indonesia. The island of Java can be divided astronomically and geographically to determine the areas and related objects. Below is a description of the location of the island of Java.

Astronomical location is the position of an area relative to its geographic coordinates. These coordinates can be determined with points arranged on a vertical line and a horizontal line that has longitude and latitude provisions.

Area of ​​Java Island Based on Map

Therefore, the astronomical location of Java Island is between 7*50’10” – 7*56’41” South Longitude (LS) and 113*48’10” – 113*48’26” East Longitude (E). .

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The geographical location of a region is determined by the location of the region on the face of the earth. The geographical location of the island of Java can be traced in this way.

Java Island has an area of ​​128,297 km2 which is divided into six provinces namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, DI Yogyakarta, East Java and Banten. In 2020, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that there were 151.6 million people on the island of Java. This number includes 56.10% of Indonesia’s population.

Some countries, such as Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, Vietnam, Germany, Iran, Thailand, England, France, Italy and South Korea, are smaller than Java.

Java Island has truly natural conditions. This is due to the geographical location of the island of Java. There are many plains on the island of Java, such as Cianjur, Puncak, Tengger, and the Dieng Plain in Central Java. However, there are many low-rise ones such as Surakarta, Semarang, Madiun, Cirebon, and even DKI Jakarta.

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In addition, Java Island is surrounded by mountains and beaches, several mountains such as Mount Chiremai, Chikurai, Papandayan, Sindoro, Semeru, Lavu, Merbabu, Slamet and Sumbing are part of Java Island. Don’t forget beaches such as Pangandaran Beach, Karimun Jawa, Ujung Genteng, Sayang Heulang, Pulau Merah, Carita, Tanjung Lesung, Anyer and Parangkritis, as well as the beaches of Java. (Z-2)

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The Plenary Session of the West Mangarai Regime House of Representatives (DPRD), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) on Wednesday 24 May 2023 was dominated by Speakers… Geographically, the islands of Java and Madura between the Sunda Strait and Bali are located in . It is an island between the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea.

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The astrological location of the islands of Java and Madurai is between 113°48′10″ – 113°48′26″ E and 7°50′10″ – 7°56′41″ S longitude.

This plateau is between 0 to 3.5 meters above sea level and is directly adjacent to the Java Sea.

Located in Madiun City, East Java Province. The Madiun Plain is between 63 and 67 meters above sea level.

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Administratively, the island of Java is currently divided into six provinces, namely Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, DI Yogyakarta and East Java. Apart from being the seat of the Center for National Government (DKI), the island of Java is also the center of the Indonesian economy.

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