May 29, 2023

Hi guys, welcome to the website Dota 2 Indonesia. I’m going to talk about “Aquascape Cleaning Fish“. Here’s a full review below:


Aquascape is a work of art which is a closed ecosystem so that it contains a lot of life such as plants, bacteria, fish and other creatures. Talking about Aquascape, of course, in Indonesia itself, there are many hobbyists who collect Aquascape at home

Indeed, Aquascape has uses other than decorative purposes, namely for entertainment and self-soothing. You can also learn a lot about plants, fish and the nitrogen cycle in Aquascape

The problem is, the biggest enemy for the aquascape hobbyist is the presence of algae attached to plants, hardscape, rocks, substrate, filters or glass. This algae is not popular because it will reduce the beauty of the aquascape

One of the techniques for dealing with algae in Aquascape is to include algae-eating fish. Siamese algae eater or SAE is one of them

Siamese Algae Eater

The Siamese Algae Eater, or Crossocheilus oblongus, is a freshwater fish from the family Cyprinidae. This family is closely related to goldfish

These fish originate from Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, but now they are widely cultivated and admired around the world for the aquarium trade, especially for algae-eating troops.

The reason this fish is so popular is because they are one of the best algae eaters you can buy at an aquascape store. The fish will be very active, swimming to and fro and their swimming speed is fast enough that it is difficult to catch them in an aquarium

Its small shape makes this fish not minimize the aesthetic beauty of your aquascape. In fact, these fish provide many benefits to your Aquascape, especially for eradicating annoying algae in Aquascape. Speaking of Aquascape, you can check out the Dunia Aquascape website for complete Aquascape info

You can get this ibis fish at offline and online aquarium / aquascape shops at a price of IDR 7,000 – 12,000. the price is quite cheap compared to overseas, which costs around $ 3- $ 5.

Characteristics of SAE Fish

The physical characteristics of the SAE fish are that it has a gray body color with a horizontal black line that extends from the head to the tip of the tail. This fish can grow up to 6 inches with a fairly long life span, up to 10 years

These fish often swim on the bottom of the substrate. Sometimes, occasionally this fish stays under the substrate. If he wants to eat, he will dig hardscape and plants exposed to algae to be used as a food source

Sae fish have the characteristic of being friendly to other animals and plants. This fish does not attack prawns or other smaller fish, apart from that it is also impossible for your Aquascape plants to be eaten by this SAE.

For the easiest treatment of this fish, SAE is an all-eater. However, for the aquascape itself, these fish will eat the growing algae. Yes, not all algae wants him to eat. Only certain algae that he wants to eat. However, this fish is still the best algae-eating fish for aquascapes

SAE fish are also fish that don’t get sick easily, their adaptation level is quite fast and they easily adapt to all conditions. So these fish rarely die

Benefits of SAE Fish

As I said above, this fish is an algae-eating fish that is ready to eradicate various types of algae in your Aquascape. But not necessarily if you enter this fish, your tank will be clean of algae

This fish must be included in Aquascape because it is one of the ways to prevent and eliminate Algae in Aquascape

You can include shrimp and snails that eat algae to help these SAE fish eradicate algae in Aquascape

My advice, if you want to enter this fish. Don’t enter it when you end up planting carpet plants in the aquascape because these fish can mess up carpet plants that haven’t taken root properly. You can enter this fish when the plants are firmly rooted

Thus a Brief Review About Siamese Algae Eater: Aquascape Cleaning Fish and Their Benefits

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