May 28, 2023

saparapi.idsighting an airplane parked in front of a viral house, Sultan Nganjuk became the spotlight of social media.

The large red and white airplane parked in front of the house is known to belong to a resident Pelem Village, Kertosono DistrictNganjuk Regency, East Java.

The parked plane similar to that of the President of the Republic of Indonesia also makes the resident’s house a slightly different sight.

The reason is, the size of the aircraft is not half-hearted, namely with a length of approximately 30 meters.

Uniquely, the inside of the plane parked at the Nganjuk resident’s house has completely changed.

Quoting, the house which is south of Jalan Raya Surabaya-Madiun belongs to Haji Yusuf (78), a businessman engaged in plantations.

Yusuf and his family live in Jakarta, and only occasionally return to Pelem Village, Kertosono.

The plane with the red and white color combination was parked right in front of Haji Yusuf’s house, the fuselage was above the pool in his front yard.

The plane, which is approximately 30 meters long, is only supported by three pillars resembling a rectangular pyramid. Then at the rear of the fuselage is supported by an iron pole

To journalists on Monday (22/5/2023), the caretaker of Haji Yusuf’s house, Budi Santoso (45) explained, an airplane resembling the Indonesian presidential plane was brought in in 2019 by Yusuf’s son, namely Gatutkoco.

Budi explained that the plane that was on display in Haji Yusuf’s yard was brought in by way of being transported using a container truck.

Some of the fuselage was separated, then transported using containers in stages.

Budi added, according to him, this airplane could no longer function and was only used as a display.

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