June 8, 2023

Rohil (at first glance) – As a form of concern and blessing in the holy month of Ramadan 1444 H in 2023, the Head of the Rokan Hilir Regency (Rohil) PKK driving team Sanimar Afrizal and all the administrators distributed hundreds of takjil to the Bagansiapiapi community, Wednesday (29/3/2023) afternoon.

During the distribution of hundreds of takjil for breaking the fast which was centered in front of the Jalan pos office, PKK chairman Sanimar Afrizal was also accompanied by Regent Rohil Afrizal Sintong and members of the PKK organizing team.

Prior to the distribution of takjil, the head of the PKK driving team, Sanimar Afrizal, who was accompanied by the district head and all administrators, shopped at the Ramadan market first.

Where, at the Ramadhan market located on Jalan Mawar, the head of the PKK together with the Regent bought merchandise for each trader which was then distributed to the community. Hundreds of people passing by were so enthusiastic to stop and receive the takjil gifts given.

“This afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the Ramadan market in Bagansiapiapi and we bought merchandise from the traders and then we distributed it to the community in the form of takjil to break the fast,” said Sanimar.

Sanimar explained, the distribution of the takjil
held as nothing but a means of hospitality and as a form of caring and sharing with others in the blessed month of Ramadan.

“Hopefully by sharing this, the closeness of our brotherhood will always be well maintained,” he said.

The distribution of takjil, he added, will continue to be carried out by the PKK driving team during the holy month of Ramadan in various places in Rohil Regency.

“Don’t look at the number, but this is a form of concern and sharing from us in the holy month of Ramadan which is full of blessings,” he concluded.

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