May 29, 2023

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Digital Adventure Camera – is a digital camera designed for one purpose, namely to capture moments from positions or viewing angles that are not possible for digital cameras in general. Its functions also vary, namely recording High Definition video, taking regular pictures, taking pictures with the self-timer, to make timelapse or take pictures quickly (burst).

One product or brand that is synonymous with this digital adventure camera is GoPro which is quite popular with the quality and quantity it has. However, not long after that, several new competitors emerged who also had their own advantages in their products.

Digital Adventure Camera

Digital Adventure Camera Prices

Ok, maybe that’s just a brief explanation of this adventure digital camera. Let’s get straight to the heart of the conversation, namely some adventure digital cameras that you can accompany your adventure activities.

BRICA B-PRO 5 – IDR 1,450,000

This action cam has a fairly small size so it is perfect for capturing your adventure moments in all circumstances and situations. And it is also equipped with a wifi control feature which functions to control the camera from a distance of 30 meters with a smartphone/tablet device, besides that you can also watch LiveStream.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, BRICA B-PRO 5

This action cam is equipped with a lens with a width of 120 degrees so that it can take wider and wider pictures. Besides that, it also has a water-resistant feature so you can take it diving with a maximum depth of up to 20 meters.

SPECTRA XC1 & BellaVision

SPECTRA XC1 – IDR 1,650,000

The compact and ergonomic design of the SPECTRA XC1 digital adventure camera makes it easy to install or use on various equipment, such as parachuting belts, bicycle helmets, skateboards, motor bikes, to car dashboards.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, SPECTRA XC1

And also the SPECTRA XC1 adventur digital camera is capable of taking pictures and videos in a wide angle, with various situations and different perspectives than usual digital cameras. With these advantages you are more flexible and satisfied with the results obtained from this one adventure camera.

Bella Vision – IDR 1,795,000

Bella Vision is an action camera capable of recording video up to Full HD quality and has a fairly small size, so it is suitable for all situations, such as documentation, action, aerial cam and diving.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, Bella Vision

It is also equipped with various mountings for various activities and a waterproof housing that can dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters. To make it easier for users to see the results of this camera capture, there is already a 1.5 “LCD and the lens viewing angle reaches 170 degrees.

JVC XA2 & GO PRO HERO3+ (Silver Edition)

JVC XA2 – IDR 2,995,000

The JVC GC-XA2 Adixxion mini camera series is water, dust and shock resistant and is capable of recording video with a wider and sharper image field with Full HD 1920×1080 60p/60p resolution, thanks to stabilization technology, auto off and auto LCD screen. Brightness.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, JVC XA2

The most interesting thing about digital action cameras is that the sensor has been updated with a higher resolution image sensor and good quality. Another feature that the VC GC-XA2 Adixxion has is wifi, so pictures or videos can be streamed directly to a smartphone.

GO PRO HERO3+ (Silver Edition) – IDR 4,095,000

The Black Edition and Silver Edition are the GoPro Hero3+ series which bring new internal components and have the ability to improve image quality, and also this series has a longer battery life.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, GO PRO HERO3+ (Silver Edition)

Hero3+ Black Edition is able to capture images and videos that are up to 33% sharper than the previous version. Meanwhile, the Hero3+ Siver Edition is equipped with the ability to record video with Ful HD 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 6 fps and 720p at 120 fps.

Blackvue Sport SC500 & GO PRO HERO4 (Silver Edition)

Blackvue Sport SC500 – IDR 4,650,000

This adventure digital camera is included in the sports camera category, which can be used in various adventurous actions, such as touring, cycling, mountain climbing, surfing, and even diving because it is equipped with a waterproof casing with a resistance of up to 50 meters.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, Blackvue Sport SC500

Blackvue Sport SC500 is equipped with a 12 Megapixel Sony Exmor sensor with a wide view angle of up to 157 degrees. The ability to record Full HD 1080p@6015 fps video, also equipped with a 1050 mAh Li-Polymer battery, which can last up to 2 hours to record video.

GO PRO HERO4 (Silver Edition) – IDR 5,650,000

This GoPro camera model is equipped with a touch screen that offers recording from 4K resolution 15fps, 2.7 30fps, 1440p 48fps, Full HD 60fps, 960p 100fps, HD video 120 fps. Or capture videos for Full HD p60 and HD p120 videos.

Price for Digital Adventure Camera, GO PRO HERO4 (Silver Edition)

Apart from this greatness, this camera made by GoPro can be brought to a depth of 40 meters (with a case). There are also Wifi, Bluetooth features, exposure settings for taking pictures at night, and the Quik Capture feature instantly when the camera is active and recording with one button.

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