June 8, 2023

Shin Eun Jung has been an actress since 1997. Her popular role is as Hwa Su In in the drama Faith/The Great Doctor (2012).

Currently, he is playing the role of Joo Yoo Jeong in the drama Queen of Mask (2023). Check out the other exciting dramas played by Shin Eun Jung below!

1. Queen of Masks

Queen of Masks

Do Jae Yi (Kim Sun A), Go Yoo Na (Oh Yoon Ah), Joo Yoo Jung (Shin Eun Jung), and Yoon Hae Mi (Yoo Sun) are best friends. Joo Yoo Jung held a bridal shower. The program was running smoothly, until Joo Yoo Jung’s future husband was found dead in a hotel room.

Go Yoo Na becomes a suspect in this murder. Joo Yoo Jung, who is pregnant at a young age, is bleeding. However, the four of them had been in the hotel room where Joo Yoo Jung’s husband-to-be was found dead. Who is the real culprit? What is the relationship between Joo Yoo Jung’s 3 best friends and her future husband?

2. Navillera

Shin Eun Jung Navillera

Shim Deok Chul (Park In Hwan) is an elderly man. One by one his friends died first, then he thought of realizing his childhood dream before he died. He kept his Alzheimer’s disease a secret from his family.

Shim Deok Chul insists on practicing ballet. Trained by a professional ballerina who is experiencing a breakdown, Lee Chae Rok (Song Kang). In the end, the family found out that Shim Deok Chul was practicing ballet.

Shim Sung San (Jung Hae Kyun) as the first child balked at his father practicing ballet. Kim Ae Ran (Shin Eun Jung) as Shim Sung San’s wife also supports her husband. Likewise the second child. The third child looks silently supportive.

Shim Sung San can prove to everyone that what he is doing is not just an empty dream. Shim Sun Sang and Lee Chae Rok successfully performed a beautiful ballet on stage. And the family finally found out that ballet was Shim Sung San’s last wish before sinking into Alzheimer’s.

Specifically for shooting this drama about ballet, Park In Hwan, at the age of 76, practices ballet twice a week. Meanwhile, Songkang studied ballet for 5-6 months before starting the shooting process.

They both felt a change in their body proportions. Park In Hwan proved that at that age where the body is no longer flexible, it is still possible to learn ballet even though it is not to become a professional ballerina.

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3. Lawless Lawyer

Lawley's Lawyer

Attorney Choi Jin Ae (Shin Eun Jung) witnessed the crime committed by Cha Moon Sook (Lee Hye-young) from a photo taken by Noh Hyun Joo (Baek Joo Hee).

Choi Jin Ae was killed, while his son, Bong Sang Pil (Lee Ro Woon) was rescued by Noh Hyun Joo. Noh Hyun Joo also received threats, but he managed to hide in Thailand.

A dozen years later, Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) manages to become a lawyer. He investigates the murder case of his mother by establishing the Lawless Law Firm. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Yea Ji) is a lawyer who works with Bong Sang Pil, and is the son of Noh Hyun Joo.

They both work together to uncover the crimes of Cha Moon Sook who has become a big judge. They were finally able to reveal Moon Sook’s crimes and put her in jail.

3. The Rebels

The Rebel Shin Eun Jung

The Rebel (2017) a saeguk drama directed by Kim Jin Man. This 30-episode drama won Drama of the Year at the 36th MBC Drama Awards 2017. This drama is about a slave who steals from the rich and distributes the loot to the poor.

Hong Amogae (Kim Sang Joong) is a smart slave who wants to be free from slavery. Hong Gil Dong (Yoon Kyun Sang) is the son of Amogae who has superhero-like abilities. Amogae reminds Gil Dong to hide his powers so no one else will know.

Gil Dong’s mother, Geum Ok (Shin Eun Jung) is heavily pregnant with her third child. Unfortunately, Geum Ok almost experienced sexual harassment from her employer. Geum Ok had fallen while avoiding her master.

Geum Ok had a hard time giving birth, and she died. Amogae knows this, then brutally kills his master. Amogae is caught, but is rescued by residents who are also annoyed with Amogae’s employer.

They devised a plan to exact revenge. Gil Dong realizes his hard life, and grows up to become the leader of a group of thieves.

Gil Dong takes the valuables of nobles and those who are rich but evil by force. Gil Dong distributed the stolen property back to the underprivileged residents.

Gil Dong is married to Soong Ga Ryung (Chae Su Bin). Because of Gil Dong’s first love, Gong Hwa (Lee Hanee) has become the wife of King Yeonsangun (Kim Ji Suk).

King Yeonsangun is a tyrant who doesn’t care about the welfare of the common people. Then, will Gil Dong be able to avenge his mother’s death?

Yoon Kyung Sang is not the first actor to be offered the role of Hong Gil Dong. Actor Ji Sung and actor Nam Goong Min were offered for this role. Yoon Kyung Sang was paired again with Chae Soo Bin after they became models for the music video for ‘Girlfriend’ – Uniqnote feat. Bobby Kim and Jung Yup in 2014.

Hong Gil Dong is the Robin Hood of the Joseon dynasty. From historical records, Gil Dong was born in 1443 during the time of King Sejong.

Gil Dong became the pioneer of the revolution in the Joseon era. Gil Dong is thought to have died in 1510 during the reign of King Jungjong.

4. Splendid Politics

Splendid Politics (2015)

In the drama Splendid Politics (2015), Shin Eun Jung becomes Queen Inmok. Queen Inmok really existed in the Joseon era. She was the wife of King Seonjo, the 14th king of the Joseon Dynasty.

Splendid Politics (2015) or better known as Hwajung has 50 episodes filled with big stars like Cha Seung Won and Jo Sung Ha.

This drama tells of Princess Jeongmyeong who disguises herself as a man to avoid being threatened with death from King Gwanghae.

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