June 4, 2023

Online TOEFL Learning Application – Studying the TOEFL in English is a bit difficult. Therefore, there are many applications that help you learn the TOEFL, starting from computer applications to android applications. Through this article, I want to give you recommendations regarding applications that have a fairly good rating on Google Play.

I’m sure the 5 applications below can help you learn the TOEFL because in them you can find various types of TOEFL questions. Okay, I’ll just give it specifically for you.

TuneSkill TOEFL®

Rating : 4

TuneSkill TOEFL® is an online TOEFL learning application via Android that has a practice test with three levels of difficulty. You are free to choose a low, medium, or even high difficulty level.

Use this link to download TuneSkill TOEFL® : Click here

TOEFL Reading

Rating : 4

We all know that reading is one of the most boring types of the TOEFL test. This activity requires us to read the text for a long time before finally finding the answer. Therefore, I included the TOEFL Online Learning application in the reading category in this article. Is TOEFL Reading which can give you convenience and complete exercises in learning TOEFL specifically for reading.

Use this link to download TOEFL Reading: Click here

TOEFL iBT Preparation

Rating: 4.5

TOEFL iBT Preparation is an online TOEFL learning tool via Android which has a fairly high rating and popularity. Through this application, you can familiarize yourself with multiple choice test questions and complex vocabulary because this application is intended to provide an understanding of these two things.

Use this link to download TOEFL IBT Preparation: Click here

TOEFL Structure

Rating : 5

After we got a special application for reading, now there is a special application that contains structure questions. You can train yourself to think quickly in working on various types of questions in the structure category or maybe we can call it grammar.

Use this link to download the TOEFL Structure: Click here

iTooch TOEFL™ Prep Free

Rating : 5

It is an online TOEFL learning tool via Android which has the highest rating and popularity. Apart from being present in the form of a free version, this application also presents a paid version where you can find a more complete TOEFl learning solution.

The iTooch TOEFL™ Prep Free application has features including four subject themes, namely reading, writing, speaking, and study tips. The next features are 50 TOEFL study chapters, 1508 questions with detailed answers, 135 types of visual images, and 278 sound files. It’s very complete and free.

Use this link to download iTooch TOEFL™ Prep Free : Click here

Those are the 5 Free & Best Android TOEFL Online Study Applications that I recommend to you. Hope it is useful.

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