May 31, 2023

You may be wondering who played Ellie, the mother of three whose body is possessed by an evil demon, from the horrendous film Evil Dead Rise. Upon finding out, the cast is Alyssa Sutherland, a former international model who started her modeling career in 1997.

Alyssa won the Australian Girlfriend magazine modeling competition at the time, which marked debutin the world of models. During her career, Alyssa has modeled for various brands leading fashion brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Bvlgari.

Not only modeling Of course, Alyssa has also acted on the big screen several times. Call it The Devil Wears Prada, Day On Fire, and Don’t Look Up. Although, he has not had the opportunity to take on the main role.

However, after years of working in the field modeling, Alyssa ends with the thought that the industry is contributing to unrealistic standards for one’s body. She officially ended her modeling career when she was 15 years old and lived for 20 years.

Since the interview with Schön! Magazine in which he expressed his guilt for contributing to the world modeling, since 2006, Alyssa focused on acting only. Want to know what films Alyssa Sutherland has acted in.

1. Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise_Creepy (Copy)

“Kötü Ruh: Diriliş” or “Evil Dead Rise” (2023) is the fifth installment in the “Evil Dead” film series. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics.

And, with a budget of no more than $20 million, this film grossed over $141 worldwide. This makes “Evil Dead Rise” the film with the highest grossing income of the other “Evil Dead” film series.

Naturally, since before the time of the broadcast, many people have been waiting for this film. When it was shown in theaters, lots of people immediately flocked to buy tickets, not wanting to be left behind euphoria horror from “Evil Dead Rise”.

Unlike other horror films which are usually set in the interior of the forest, “Evil Dead Rise” is actually set in an urban area, even though it is in an abandoned apartment building. There are two sisters who were previously distant and never speak to each other again, Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland).

Beth is frantic to find out she is pregnant. he too reach out to one older brother single parent and has three children. At first, their ‘reunion’ was going well, until suddenly a demon rose from the grave and possessed Ellie’s body.

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Beth and Ellie’s three children: Danny (Morgan Davies), Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) and Kassie (Nell Fisher) experienced the most horrific incident they had never imagined before. They have to survive from the demon that makes Ellie look like an abominable living corpse.

2. Blood Vessels

Blood Vessel 2019 Alyssa Sutherland_

In 2019, Alyssa also played in a horror film called “Blood Vessel”. The film, made in Melbourne, Australia, was directed by Justin Dix and written by Dix and Jordan Prosser.

In a zone in the North Atlantic at the end of 1945, on a lifeboat, there were several people who had survived from a hospital ship that was now sinking. Their ship was hit by a mysterious torpedo. Now, the survivors are adrift in the vast ocean without drinking water, food and shelter.

They are desperate and resigned, if possible this is the end of their lives. Until the abandoned German minesweeper just floats towards their lifeboat. Assuming this is the last chance for survival, they all board the ship.

Although empty from being abandoned, they soon find out the ship is not as safe as they thought. Horror movies-survival it starred Alyssa Sutherland, Robert Taylor (a famous old actor in the 1930-1940s), Nathan Phillips (actor of “The Devil Below” and “Chernobyl Diaries”), and Christopher Kirby (actor of “Iron Sky”).

At FilmQuest 2019, the film won the Department of Art’s Best and Best Costume awards. Alyssa Sutherland also clinched awards Best Supporting Actress, Lol! Alyssa’s role here is as Jane Prescott.

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