May 28, 2023

Learning English conversation is easy and difficult. Many people might say it is one of the most difficult things, but not many say it is easy. When you find it difficult to converse in English, you most likely have to change the way of learning that is used every day. Then, how do you improve your English conversation skills? There are several ways to improve the capabilities we have in learning English. Check out the following 5 effective techniques for learning English conversation.

Practice and Practice

As we have often discussed, learning English is almost the same as swimming. You will be able to because of practice, and without practice you only act as a spectator while your friends go far beyond their abilities.

Speaking practice is absolutely necessary if you want to improve the conversation system you have. In this context, try to invite some friends who can speak English to be your interlocutor.

If you are embarrassed to speak directly, try first to speak through writing

You have Facebook or Twitter don’t you? Please add people abroad as your friends. Invite them to chat via Direct Message or Private Message on Facebook. This method was once done by someone who lived in Vietnam. Every three days, he is in a special Internet cafe to chat via Facebook or Skype with friends who are abroad. In about one month, he was able to converse in English with a much better technique.

Don’t Think Too Much Grammar

I’ve said before that grammar is an important part of English, but you shouldn’t be afraid of grammar. Good grammar or grammar is of course very desirable for anyone learning a language, but if you think too much about grammar, it will hinder all of us from starting a conversation.

If you don’t believe it, try having a conversation in English, then before saying the words, think about the proper grammar first. You can be sure, you will hesitate in speaking and even speechless for fear of being wrong. Remember, grammar is important, but don’t become a burden when speaking.

Living in an English Environment

Have you ever been to English Village? Reportedly there all conversations in English. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this place in order to learn English. Through daily practice, it is believed that even if your English is bad at first, it can shoot up to the phase of becoming an expert.

Lots of Listening, Reading, and Writing

Our ability to speak is actually also supported by the mastery of vocabulary that we get when listening, reading, and writing. In addition to lots of speaking practice, hone your skills by listening to English songs, reading English magazines or newspapers, and writing.

Good luck.

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