June 4, 2023

I will share examples of English articles about Economics with you in this latest post. All articles are taken from the Kompas Ekonomi Newspaper which displays a variety of the latest economic articles. One of the articles that I discuss here is the decline in the turnover of the food and beverage trade due to the floods that occurred in early 2014.

Then, the next discussion was shifted to the Rupiah exchange rate which continued to weaken. However, there is hope from Bloomberg’s prediction that the Rupiah is the currency that has increased the most and has even become number one in Asia this year.

The third article will discuss women entrepreneurs who tend to be more professional than male entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs are said to be better at managing their finances so that they are national assets that must be given more attention. Okay, enjoy reading the 3 English articles about Economics that I provide below.

The Foods and Beverages Merchants in Jabodetabek Lost Their Income Until IDR 200 billion

The bad weather that hit several regions in Indonesia was big enough to impact the food and beverage industry in this country. For only the Jabodetabek area, the floods predicted suppress the turnover to 25 percent.

Chairman of the Food and Beverage Association of Indonesia (Gapmmi) Adhi Lukman explained, a decrease in revenue is due to the difficulty of the distribution of products from the factory to the market because of the flooding block. Thus, it spreads on the decline in consumption.

As an overall result, Adhi’s estimated food and beverage industry in Jabodetabek lost the income of up to IDR 200 billion per day. “In a normal situation, the income in each day for this region reaches USD 800 billion,” he said on Tuesday (01/21/2014).

It is not only the distribution to the consumer, food and beverage manufacturers must also bear the losses due to the distribution of raw materials from the other regions which also faltered.

For example, the transportation of fresh fruit and meat from Central Java, currently takes up to four days. Though, it usually takes only a half day. “Whereas within five days, the fresh raw materials will rot in about 50 percent” he said.

It hasn’t counted yet the losses because the factory could not be operated due to workers who could not get in because of flooding, or because there is no electricity supply due to outages by PLN in some areas.

Despite the losses in sight, according to Adhi, manufacturers of foods and beverages will not raise their selling prices. Because this problem is only temporary.

This Year, Rupiah Is Predicted Will Be Number 1 In Asia

Some analysts of the most accurate version of Bloomberg predicted that the Rupiah will rise from the worst position to be the number one among other Asian currencies this year.

According to Lloyds Banking Group Plc, the rupiah will strengthen by 6.8 percent in 2014 to a level of 11,400 per US dollar. Meanwhile, Societe Generale SA will see the rupiah was at 10,250 at the end of next year. In comparison, the median of 23 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg predicts the rupiah will be at the level of 12,200 per US dollar.

Among the 10 countries of Asia, only China can beat Indonesian growth.

There are several factors that will allegedly keep the Rupiah. One of them, a steady growth of the Indonesian economy and the reduction of trade deficit. Two factors are again the main attraction for foreign funds to re-invest in Indonesia.

“We predict the current value of the rupiah is below as it should be (undervalued) considered the dynamic growth in Indonesia,” said Jeavon Lolay, Global Research Director of Lloyds.

He added that the Indonesian economy will move in line with the positive growth in the global economy, which in turn will help restore the level of exports in the next second quarter.

As a record, Indonesia’s currency has gained 0.7% this month to 12,085 per US dollar. This is the best reinforcement among 11 Asian currencies most frequently traded.

Women Entrepreneurs Tend to Be More Professional

Women entrepreneurs have shown their movement in the economic development of Indonesia. The minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Sharif Hasan told a group of women entrepreneurs are proactive in improving the welfare at least in their families.

“Women Entrepreneurs are a group of active women who have dared to take the initiative in economic development in order to improve the welfare of the family,” said Sharif at the Young Entrepreneur and Independent Young Technopreneur 2014 in Senayan, Wednesday (15/01/ 2014 ).

Moreover, Sharif said that women entrepreneurs tend to be more professional. “Women entrepreneurs are more responsible and professional in managing finances,” he said.

Sharif said the government and banks have supported women entrepreneurs by providing financing access. Such access is expected to provide an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to develop their business.

“In 2013 the business credit (KUR) has exceeded US $ 137 billion to 10 million borrowers. All financial access has been implemented” said Sharif.

Those are various examples of English articles about economics. Hope it helps you.

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