June 4, 2023

Who doesn’t love to play video games? It’s not only small children who like to play this type of electronic game, even many adults are crazy about various types of games video games This. Especially in the era of modern technology like now, video games can be played anywhere and anytime

With so many devices video games currently, company games competing to make games interesting to play. The one that gets the most response is games manifold action-adventure.

With an engaging, often demanding story gamers to think hard, gameplay which are increasingly realistic in their movements and of course beautiful graphics that can spoil the eyes of the fans gamers true.

Hollywood saw an opportunity from the rise video games in the world by adapting some games into a big screen film. The elements that are inside gamesit, as much as possible to be brought back in the film so that the realistic impression is even more real.

Average, film from adaptation video games it has been successful in attracting audiences and doing well in the US box-office ranks, although its quality has at times been below average. So that no film of this type has been nominated for an Oscar. In the following, we have selected a series of film adaptations video games the best ever produced by Hollywood.

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1. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Video Game Adaptation_Pokemon Detective Pikachu_
Year of Release 2019
genres Action, Adapted From Video Game, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Medical, Mystery, Political, Romance, Sci-Fi, Teen
Director Rob Letterman
∙ Ryan Reynolds

∙ Justice Smith

∙ Kathryn Newton

∙ Suki Waterhouse

∙ Omar Chaparro
Reviews Read here

Who is not familiar with Pokemon? This time Pikachu is present in the film live-action based on his character as a detective from video games which was released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2018.

This film tells the adventures of Tim Goodman, a former Pokemon trainer, and Pikachu, who is his father’s pet, to unravel the mystery of his father’s death and the conspiracy behind it.

In this film, Pikachu’s appearance is very cute by wearing the hat that Sherlock Holmes usually wears, indicating that he is a detective.

Although the story is a bit uninteresting, the visual effects exhibition is commendable, especially the view of the world where humans and pokemon coexist. Apart from that, Ryan Reynolds’ performance as the voice actor for Pikachu also gives its own color.

2.The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Video Game Adaptations_The Super Mario Bros.  Movie_

Finally video games this legendary from Nintendo gets a better film adaptation in animated form after failing in the version live-action back in 1993. This film tells about the beginning of the adventures of Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom to fight against the evil forces of Dark Lands led by Bowser.

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Lover video gamesIn the past, he must have been very happy with all the nostalgia when he played it again through this film produced by the Illumination animation studio. We can see Mario jumping, running, racing with racing cars, and even collaborating with Donkey Kong.

Even though it is still considered as not maximizing its existing potential, in fact this film is liked by audiences around the world who place it The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the highest-grossing film in 2023. Reportedly, this film is the opening of plans for a new universe from various video games Nintendo.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Video Game Adaptation_Sonic the Hedgehog_

Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular character from video games Sega production. Since its appearance in 1991, there have been various versions video games released for console Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Dreamcast, Xbox and Playstation.

This blue hedgehog with incredible running speed also has many animated series which are also children’s favorite shows.

in the movies live-action Starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey, Sonic the Hedgehog teams up with a small-town sheriff to stop Dr. Robotnik who wants to make it as experimental material.

With the ring he has, Sonic can move to various locations, not only on earth, but also to other planets.

movie success Sonic the Hedgehog continued with the sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022). Whereas Sonic the Hedgehog 3 airs in 2024, as well as a series spin-off which recounts the adventures of Knuckles.

4. Mortal Kombat

Video Game Adaptation Movie_Mortal Kombat [1995]_

Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Lord Raiden are world famous names arcade games. These characters take names later games Mortal Kombat which later became popular among lovers fighting game. The film adaptation takes the story and elements from the first version gamesher and a few elements from her second series.

The film, starring Christopher Lambert, has received a lot of praise from film critics and loyal fans because of the good martial arts scenes, the atmosphere of the film is almost the same as the previous version. gamesand exotic locations including Los Angeles and Thailand.

But unfortunately, the script that is too ordinary becomes a minus value for the film that is then followed by sequel-his, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) which received a lot of harsh criticism. We’d better ask Sub-Zero to say: “Finish Him!!

5. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Video Game Adaptation Film_Final Fantasy The Spirits Within_

Hironobu Sakaguchi is a creator of genre games role-playing This. Popularity games which is present on this Playstation device, has presented several series, all of which are very loved by fans gamers.

Together with Hollywood, Japan produced this film, which cost more than $ 100 million. Most of these funds are used for the process renders photorealistic animation, which at that time required a lot of equipment and manpower.

The result does not disappoint in quality. Film critics and gamers admit it. However, the income of this best video game adaptation film was so disappointing that it could not make a profit and made Square Pictures company, as the production house, bankrupt.

6. Rampage

Video Game Adaptation_Rampage_

Pathogen fragments from secret experiments on the space station regarding three animals on earth that turn into giant monsters. One of them is an albino gorilla named George.

Starting to experience a change into a wild, George tried to calm down by Davis, the primatologist who had been keeping him. Together, they paralyze two other monsters while uncovering the evil conspiracy behind them.

This film directed by Brad Peyton is an adaptation of video games popular series in various console, such as Nintendo and PlayStation. Gaining a lot of criticism highlighting the weakness of the script and the slow tempo, Dwayne Johnson’s performance and the action scenes and visual effects received praise.

7. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Film Adaptation Video Game_Prince of Persia The Sands of Time [2010]_

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Prince Dastan, the main character of games which is titled the same. Popularity games This is because the story is interesting and gameplay which is quite unique, where if gamers using this “sands of time”, the enemy’s movement becomes slow in shape slow-motion.

This element is brought back in the film version very well. Besides Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton as Princess Tamina and two senior actors, Ben Kingsley as Nizam and Alfred Molina as Sheik Amar, were also present. The loyalty of this film with the version gamesit invites a lot of praise from the audience gamers.

8. The Angry Birds Movie

Video Game Adaptation Movie_The Angry Birds Movie_

An island is inhabited by a group of birds that can’t fly but live in joy. Then what made them angry?

One day, the green pigs came offering peace and friendship. But only three strange birds realize that there is an evil plan behind their arrival.

Application games smartphones It’s been so popular since its launch in 2009. A year it was launched, it was recorded that 12 million people had played it. So, it’s only natural that the film adaptation was immediately planned and finally released in 2016.

Quite surprising to many parties because this film looks better than the initial estimate, especially because video gameshis own has no story. Become a movie box-office which successfully entertained the audience, the sequel film was released in 2019 with the same response and achievement.

9. Uncharted

Video Game Adaptation Film_Uncharted_

For fans video games genre actionadventures, Uncharted definitely one of the top choices. The whole series in franchisesis in great demand by the audience gamers world.

So do not be surprised if the film adaptation is highly anticipated. However, it turned out that it was not easy to realize the project, which had been delayed for 12 years.

Although considered too young, Tom Holland’s action as Nathan Drake is quite liked and promises a follow-up film plan with the success of this film on the ladder box-office.

The action scenes are thrilling, especially when Nathan is dangling in the air. Once behind the plane’s trunk, Nathan dangled again while carrying the Magellan ship by helicopter.

However, the fans video gamesthe members were a bit disappointed with the concept which they thought was not in line with the original story. In addition, the puzzles presented are too easy to solve.

10. Monster Hunter

Video Game Adaptation_Monster Hunter_

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