May 29, 2023 – The Dumai Police through the Opsnal Sat Res Narcotics team again succeeded in arresting 2 (two) male residents of Rupat who were suspected of being the perpetrators of the crime of drug abuse of the Ecstasy Pill type.

The two of them were arrested in the parking lot of The Best Hotel, Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro, Dumai Kota District, Thursday (25/5/2023).

When confirmed, the Dumai Police Chief AKBP Nurhadi Ismanto SH. SIK through Head of Narcotics Resid Iptu Mardiwel SH. MH confirmed that his staff had succeeded in disclosing the crime of abuse of Narcotics instead of the Ecstasy pill type plant.

The perpetrators who were successfully arrested were SAF als BO (41) and RUS (32) both of whom are residents of Jalan Subrantas, Terkul Rupat Village, Bengkalis Regency.

Kasat explained that the disclosure of this case began with information received from the public that there was a person with the initials SAF als BO (41) who often transacted/provided Ecstasy pills.

Based on the information report, the Head of Narcotics Unit ordered the Opsnal Team to carry out an investigation in the field to look for the whereabouts of the SAF, ie BO.

From the results of the investigation it was found that the perpetrators of SAF als BO (41) were in Dumai staying at the Cititel Hotel to be precise in room number 320.

Then Thursday 25 May 2023 at around 05.30 WIB the Opsnal Team immediately arrested the perpetrators witnessed by hotel employees.

Then a search was continued in his room but no other evidence of narcotics was found.

The team only found a blue Vivo Android mobile phone and after checking there was chat content, there was an incoming voice message on the WhatsApp application from brother RUS.

“I AM IN DUMAI NI BANG, WHERE DO I DO,” said the voice message on the cell phone.

Not wanting to lose his prey, through a whatsapp conversation it was agreed to meet at the parking lot of The Best Hotel on Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro Sukajadi, Dumai City.

Together with the Opsnal Team, SAF als BO (41) waited in the parking lot of The Best Hotel, Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro Sukajadi Dumai.

At around 10.30 WIB, RUS (32) arrived at the parking lot of The Best Hotel and was immediately arrested.

During a body search, 19 (nineteen) Ecstasy pills were found stored in the left trouser pocket.

In addition to securing evidence of the Ecstasy Pill type drug from RUS (32), 1 (unit) Android Vivo brand mobile phone in navy blue and 1 (one) unit Yamaha NMax BM 6131 DAR motorcycle were also secured.

RUS (32) admitted that he was ordered by SAF als BO (41) to take these Ecstasy pills from someone with the initials IJAL and take them to Dumai where the plan is for these illicit goods to be distributed in the Dumai area.

Furthermore, the two perpetrators and all the evidence were taken to the Dumai Police Headquarters for further investigation.

“The perpetrators will be charged with Article 114 Paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 112 Paragraph (2) of RI Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics,” explained Mardiwel. (Rls)

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