June 4, 2023

Animated films are not always synonymous with children. Some animated films have stories that are suitable for viewing by all ages. The story presented is very capable of warming the heart because it has its own moral message. When watching it, you will not only be entertained, but also feel something.

Animated films also don’t only have to be shown in theaters, now even many streaming platforms include animated films in their services. One of them is Netflix.

Some of the animated film titles that air on Netflix have even been nominated and received prestigious awards. Curious what the title of the animation in question? Check out the description below!

1. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

netflix animation_The Mitchells vs.  the Machines_

Katie was accepted by a film school in California. Her family is very happy with this news and they are very excited to take Katie to her new school.

Taking a land trip, they unexpectedly encounter a rebellion of robots and machines. With the uniqueness that this family has, Katie finds a way to paralyze the evil plan masterminded by a virtual assistant.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines is an animated film that has a high level of entertainment value. Full of natural color and humor, the message about family unity and love is well conveyed.

Especially the relationship between a father and his daughter. Different generations certainly create a gap of understanding. But with mutual understanding, a heart bridge will be created.

This film was produced by Sony Pictures Animation, which was purchased by Netflix. Login as Best Animated Feature nomineesthis film managed to sweep all the awards in every category in which they were nominated at the Annie Awards.

2. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

netflix animation_Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio_

The classic tale of the Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio this work by Carlo Collodi is presented differently by Guillermo del Toro. Starting from Pinocchio’s physique which is still like wood with an imperfect head shape, to other interpretations of his adventures, this film looks unique but still easy to enjoy.

Although the various changes are quite a lot, the essence of the story has not changed at all. We can still feel the absorption of moral messages about proving love for parents.

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Animation stop-motion presented subtly so that it looks real, as well as the composition of music from Alexandre Desplat continuously makes us drift further into the story.

So, it is only natural that this film won many awards, especially as a winner Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

This film teaches us that there is no perfect love. However, we still have to try to give it to the people we care about sincerely.

3. Claus

Klaus (2019)

Jesper Johansson is a son The Royal Postmaster General lazy and spoiled. His father sent him to the city of Smeerensburg, which was quite far away. Jasper was warned that if he failed to deliver 6000 letters in a year, he would lose all of his family’s wealth.

Arriving in Smeerensburg, Jesper meets Mogens, a boatman and Alva, a teacher and fish seller. The two of them explain to Jesper that the town is home to the Ellingboe and Krum families who are always at odds. How will Jesper’s adventures continue in a city far from where he lives?

The film, which was directed by Sergio Pablos, was originally going to be designed with traditional animated features. However, due to increasingly sophisticated technological developments, Sergio finally decided to use CGI in this film.

4. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

netflix animation_Apollo 10 1 2 A Space Age Childhood_

Like other children in Texas in 1969 who were infatuated with the NASA space program, Stan also experienced these periods at the age of 10.

The difference is that Stan was recruited by NASA because of his expertise in physics to become a test pilot to the moon before Apollo 11 launched. Through various rigorous trainings, Stan is successful in living it and returns on time to his family.

This Netflix animated film is different from anything that has ever existed. Director Richard Linklater uses technique rotoscoping so that the image displayed accurately presents the movements of the cast.

This film is full of nostalgic nuances in the late 1960s which is shown in detail, both on a global scale and specifically on the Stan family.

5. The Sea Beasts

netflix animation_The Sea Beast_

Maisie sneaks into a barrel to get aboard the monster-hunting ship, the Inevitable, commanded by the legendary Captain Crow. They managed to get on the ship.

But in an attack, Maisie and Jacob are thrown from the ship and stranded on a monster-infested island. This is where they find out the true facts about the monster nation they’ve been hunting.

This film by Chris Williams once again showcases his skills in directing beautiful and entertaining animated films. The original story provides a new freshness with various characters that are explored quite well.

The adventure story is very exciting, especially whenever monsters attack their ship. This movie is in Best Animated Feature nominees at the Oscars.

6. My Father’s Dragon

netflix animation_My Father's Dragon_

Struggling to overcome all the problems in the new city with his mother, Elmer goes to the Wild Island in search of a dragon that is thought to be able to help him.

After freeing the dragon at the bottom of the island, Elmer realized that without the dragon named Boris, Wild Island would collapse and be destroyed. They have to find a way to save all the animals on the island.

This adventure-style animated film was produced by Cartoon Saloon and Netflix Animation. The story itself holds the story of friendship between Elmer and Boris the dragon.

They pass through various obstacles, various wild animals and have exciting adventures. The weight of the story is not so light, making this film can also be enjoyed by adult audiences.

7. The Willoughbys

netflix animation_The Willoughbys_

Tim, Jane and the Barnaby twins come from the wealthy Willoughby family. However, their parents don’t care which makes them devised a plan to get away from home. After getting their parents to go on vacation, it turns out that their house is being sold to cover an expensive vacation.

Linda, a nanny, cares for them and takes them away from the orphanage. Then, with Linda, they chased after their parents who had arrived in Sveetzerlund in a rainbow hot air balloon and saved their parents from being frozen.

This film adaptation of a children’s book by Lois Lowry focuses on the suffering of children who do not receive attention and affection from parents who are busy with themselves.

Even though it is filled with a sense of humor full of silliness, the moral message about the importance of caring in the family is successfully conveyed with pure emotion.

8. Vivo

netflix animation_vivo_

In order to convey the late Andres’ song to Marta, a kinkajou named Vivo embarks on an exciting and entertaining musical adventure.

Meeting Gabi, Andres’ niece agrees to help Vivo complete her mission. Not only penetrated the city, they also penetrated the forest. Will Vivo and Gabi succeed in conveying Andres to Marta?

This animated film produced by Sony Pictures Animation released by Netflix features beautiful and joyful songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda who is also the voice actor for Vivo.

Maybe the premise seems ordinary, but in fact this film has many surprises that add color to the storyline. Vivo’s sincerity makes him strong and brave to face all obstacles.

9. Wendell & Wild

netflix animation_Wendell & Wild_

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