May 29, 2023

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Magpie bird or bird that has a Latin name from the Genus Copsychus is a rare ornamental bird that is familiar with its beautiful song. This beautiful fauna population is spread over the entire island of Sumatra, parts of Java, Papua and parts of Kalimantan Island. Now, the magpie is widely used as a pet with its alluring charm and perfection of its singing.

Characteristics of the Magpie Bird

Before you assess the choice of what type of magpie to be kept as a pet, make sure you know very well the general characteristics of magpies as follows:

  • It is a type of small insect-eating bird
  • Has a body size ranging from 8-30 cm
  • The male magpie is the easiest to separate from the female magpie, namely from its louder singing voice and longer tail.
  • In terms of morphology, male magpies have more shiny fur
  • Experiencing a period of moult (moulting) or a period of hair loss
  • One type of ornamental bird whose population has begun to become scarce in Indonesia
  • It is a fighting bird (in singing) and can imitate the singing of other magpies.

Because the population has increased and its use as an ornamental bird is in great demand, the price of magpies is now increasing. Especially if this magpie is piggybacked in an event or bird singing contest.

Types of Magpie Birds

The rock magpie with the Latin name Copsychus malabaricus is a type of magpie that is very often found in the Indonesian region. Stone magpies are further divided into various types according to their distribution area. The price of the stone magpie itself ranges from Rp. 250 thousand to the highest price of Rp. 3 million, this matter depends on the type and rarity.

The following are the most popular types of rock magpies and their prices:

1. Borneo magpie

As the name implies, this magpie comes from the Borneo forest district (Kalimantan). This bird species has the Latin name Copsychus malabaricus suavis. The Bornean magpie is known for its advantages in being able to imitate various sounds of birds singing and the most beautiful songs. Apart from that, this magpie is also very smart and agile. Even so, the Bornean magpie has a relatively small body morphology, which is only about 13 cm.

Borneo magpie weighing weight | weighted | quality is usually characterized by light brown chest hair, sharp eyes, and legs that are reddish brown to blackish brown. The price for the Bornean magpie is priced starting from Rp. 600 thousand.

2. Lampung Magpie Bird

This type of magpie is a magpie which is easily separated from other types of magpie because of its straight and shorter tail. The body size ranges from 12-18 cm. However, the short tail size is one of the advantages of this Lampung magpie bird because it is more active when fighting and the tweets that are obtained are more optimal, even though the tweets are sometimes monotonous and not varied enough.

In addition, this type of magpie is known as a bird that has tough and strong stamina. In terms of morphology, the Lampung magpie has a brownish-orange chest hair color (darker than the Bornean magpie). The price for the Lampung magpie itself is pegged starting from Rp. 1 million. And for super Lampung magpie priced from around Rp. 1.5 million to Rp. 1.7 million.

3. Medan Magpie Bird

Currently, the field magpie is often searched for and is among the favorite choices of all ornamental bird lovers. How could it not be, the physical appearance of the field magpie is very beautiful, with a curved tail up to about 30 cm. The magpie in the field is a type of magpie that has a larger size than other types of magpie. Medan magpie has a strong black color with orange on the chest hair. Uniquely, when exposed to sunlight, the black color on the field magpie will look shiny bluish.

When singing, the magpie often stretches its tail to touch the head as a dashing and brave symbol. The price of the field magpie ranges from Rp. 700 thousand (children) to Rp. 1.3 million (breeds).

4. Nias Magpie Bird

Nias magpie is also a type of magpie which is hard to find in its native area. Morphologically, this bird has the same size as the Lampung magpie, which has a tail length of 17-20 cm and is solid black in color or what is often known as the blacktail.

The advantage of this magpie is that the volume of its voice is louder and can imitate the sounds of other magpies quickly. Apart from that, the nias magpie bird is known for its fast adaptability and is not easily stressed. For the price, the nias magpie costs between Rp. 1.2 – 1.4 million.

5. Water magpie

One type of magpie that has a fairly affordable price compared to other types of magpie is the water magpie. With a price of Rp. 250 thousand, you can already have this beautiful ornamental bird. The color of this magpie is pale black so it wants to be monotonous. However, for the stamina and strength of this bird, it is classified as an agile and healthy bird.

Apart from the magpie birds described above, there are also other types of rock magpies such as the aceh magpie, Medan magpie, Papuan magpie, Lahat magpie, Malaysian magpie and finished magpie.

Magpie Bird Price List

The following is a comprehensive table of prices for baby magpies and brood magpie prices (adults):

The price is the price range in the market. Prices may change depending on the rarity of the birds and the better the quality of the birdsong. For those of you who have an interest in caring for a magpie, you can learn in advance about the characteristics of a magpie so that you can take care of it properly.

Thus a Brief Review About 15 Price List of Magpie Birds: Characteristics and Types

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