May 29, 2023

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The parrot or bird that has the Latin name Psittacoidea is a type of ornamental bird whose population is spread across Indonesia. With its beautiful plumage and color as well as its soothing chirps, parrots are currently very popular among ornamental bird enthusiasts.

Parrots are a group of herbivorous birds that have body sizes ranging from 25 cm – 46 cm. It turns out that in Indonesia parrots have various types and varieties which are widely spread in the northern and eastern regions, such as the regions of Papua, Maluku and Sulawesi.

Parrot Characteristics

Before choosing the type of parrot that will be used as an ornamental bird, you first need to know the characteristics of this beautiful and aesthetic bird.

  1. Parrots have morphological characteristics with an average body size of 40 cm.
  2. Almost all parrot species have a strong red hue with a little black on the neck. In general, there are also contrasting differences between male and female parrots. Male parrots often have additional shades of green while female parrots have a strong red color and a yellow tint on their tails. For its beak, various types of parrots have a reddish yellow beak.
  3. Parrots belong to a group of herbivorous birds that eat seeds, fruits and nuts.
  4. Parrots often have nesting sites in tree holes.

Types of Parrots

After knowing the characteristics of a parrot, you can judge the type of parrot that will be cared for according to the price. The price of a parrot will most depend on the variety. The rarer the varieties that can be found, the higher the price.

The following are the types of parrots that are often found in Indonesia:

1. Rainbow Parrot

Similar to its name, this parrot has beautiful colors like a rainbow. With a characteristic blue color on its head and green on its neck, this type of parrot is perfect for those of you who want to cultivate ornamental birds. This type of parrot has the Latin name Richoglossus Haematodus. The rainbow parrot population is not uncommon in the Papua district. The price of the Ferris wheel parrot for chicks can reach 600 thousand Rupiah.

2. Red Parrot

This type of parrot is often called the Red Lory. Having the Latin name Lorius Garrulus, the red parrot has habitat in the districts of Sulawesi and North Maluku. The red parrot is a protected parrot species, because its population is already rare. The red parrot has a characteristic with a size of 30 cm with a green wing pattern.

As the name implies, this type of parrot has a strong red color and gray circles on the elements of its eyes. The price for red parrots can be priced starting from 850 thousand (saplings) to 2.5 million (parents).

3. Papuan Nuri

This type of parrot has a characteristic dark color (gloomy), from red to black wings. The purple color around the eyes makes the Papuan parrot attractive and distinctive. As the name suggests, this parrot comes from the Papua region and has a fantastic price. The price for Papuan parrots ranges from 900 thousand to 1.5 million for their chicks.

4. Nuri Dusty

The dusty parrot or what is often called the dark parrot has the Latin name Pseudeos fuscata. This type of parrot has a characteristic pattern with a dark black color and a combination of colors such as dark red to brown. The tail is yellow or olive in color.

You can find this type of parrot habitat in Papua New Guinea, Batanta Island, Yapen and Salwati. Prices for dusty parrots range from 650,000 for chicks to 1.8 million for broodstock.

5. Parrot Parrot

The parrot parrot is a type of parrot that has a very contrasting color compared to other types of parrots. This parrot has a distinctive blend of bright blue and red colors. For male parrots, the extra green color is a characteristic that separates them from female parrots. This type of bird has the Latin name Eclectus Roratus.

You can find parrot populations in the districts of Papua New Guinea, Maluku, Australia and the Solomon Islands. For this type of parrot, prices range from 600 thousand to 1 million (the price for parrot parrots).

6. Nuri Kaber

Nuri Kabere is a type of parrot that is called very handsome because it has a larger size than other types of parrots, which is about 46 cm and weighs around 800 grams. Because of its size, this type of parrot is often referred to as a vulture or eagle.

Nuri Kabere has the Latin name Psittrichas Fulgidus with morphological characteristics of red and black colors. Parrot parrot varieties can be found in the districts of Papua Island and Papua New Guinea.

7. Nuri Talaud

This type is a rare parrot whose habitat can only be found in the area of ​​Sulawesi Island, North Sulawesi to be precise. With the Latin name Eos Histrio, this type of parrot has a characteristic that it likes to live in groups or in large flocks. The morphological characteristics of the talaud parrot are the blue and red body colors with a purplish tail and orange beak. The price for talaud parrots often ranges from 550 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah.

In addition to the types of parrots described above, there are a number of other types of parrots in Indonesia that you can choose as decorative birds, namely:

8. Nuri Tanau

9. Parrot Purple Necklace

10. Nuri Ambon (King of Ambon)

11. Black-winged Parrot

12. Moluccan parrot

13. Nuri Aru (Ara Salvadori)

14. Nuri Dora

15. Nuri Tanibar

This type of parrot is very dominant in the price of parrots on the market. This is due to a number of factors such as the interest of the cultivator and the population of the parrot itself.

Parrot Price List

The following is a complete table of prices for parrots for puppies and broodstock (adults):

Thus a Brief Review About 15 Parrot Price List: Characteristics and Types

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