May 29, 2023

bullying or bullying becomes a sensitive and endless theme to be made into a drama. Even though they are annoyed and angry at seeing acts of violence or abuse against figures who are considered weaker, Korean dramas are about bullying often give a lot moral values.

In addition, even though they depart from the same premise, the dramas have the same theme bullying have a different story and message packaging. It’s no wonder that several Korean dramas that raise this issue have achieved success. Then, what are the Korean dramas that raise this issue? We have selected some of the titles for you!

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1. Weak Hero Class 1

drama similar to the glory_Weak Hero Class 1_

Yeon Si Eun was never interested in socializing with anyone during class. He was very quiet and only focused on studying. His habit of not harming anyone bothers Young Bin.

The student and his two friends started harassing Si Eun. Unbeknownst to him, Si Eun, who seems weak and easily bullied, turns out to be able to fight back and even break her nose.

Since then, Young Bin has been trying to harass Si Eun and really wants to hurt her. Luckily, Si Eun has two ‘new’ friends she can rely on. They are Soo Ho and Bum Seok.

Unfortunately, the three students’ friendship cracked when Bum Seok felt neglected by Soo Ho and started to hold grudges against him. As a friend of the two, Si Eun tries to prevent them from hurting each other.

2. The Glory

The Glory Drama Bullying Rumors_The Story of “J” in 2006_

In 2022 Song Hye Kyo returns with her newest drama entitled The Glory (2022). Drama original This Netflix, written by Kim Eun Sook, tells the sad story of a high school girl who becomes a victim of violence or bullying by school friends.

Moon Dong Eun, with her small stature, was tortured by Park Yeon Jin and friends almost every day. No one helps Dong Eun to get away from the bullying, because she is poor. Finally, Dong Eun was forced to accept severe torment from Yeon Jin and his friends.

As a result of the torture, almost all of his hands felt sore and covered in burn wounds iron hair which Yeon Jin and his friends posted. Not only his hands, his feet were full of wounds from being ironed by Yeon Jin.

Moon Dong Eun was helpless and almost gave up because of the violent days. He also had no one to turn to for help. The only hope, the teacher, is also not on his side. It was so heavy that Dong Eun almost committed suicide, but she was saved by a strong desire for revenge.

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3. The Penthouse 1

drakor about bullying-2_

Phenomenal drama The Penthouse War in Life load elements bullying in its inaugural season. The long problems that occur in this drama start with the desire of Bae Ro Na, Yoon Hee’s only daughter, to take the entrance exam to a prestigious art school.

Bae Ro Na has to compete with conglomerate kids, one of which is Joon Seo Kyung. But apparently, Seo Kyung failed to get first place

The first rank was successfully obtained by Min Seol Ah, a smart and hardworking orphan girl. And it turns out, Min Seol Ah is a tutor for Seo Kyung and other conglomerate kids.

During teaching, Seol Ah gets bullied really badly by the kids. Even one day, he had almost been roasted to death in the car due to repeated Seo Kyung and other conglomerate children.

4. The King of Pigs

drakor about bullying-3_

The King of Pigs (2022) will make audiences shudder horrified because it is based on a true story. This drama is adapted from the animated film of the same name by Yeon Sang Ho.

The story begins with the trauma of violence that Hwang Kyung Min experienced when he was in school. He hid the trauma until he looked like a happy person without any burden. Until one day, he got out of control.

Shortly after that, Kyung Min’s dead wife is found in his house, as well as a message on the window that Kyung Min intended for his classmate from high school, Jung Jong Suk. Meanwhile Kyung Min disappeared.

Detective Kang Jin A, who was assigned to investigate the case of Kyung Min’s wife, asked Jung Jong-Suk for help. After investigation, it seems that Kyung-Min is trying to get revenge on his bullies when he was at school.

What will happen to the Kyung-Min bullies? Will Jin A and Jong Suk succeed in stopping Kyung Min’s revenge before the victims fall?

5. Save Me

drakor about bullying-4_

Save Me (2017) is notable as a drama with quite a cult theme triggering. But did you know that this drama also touches on the issue of bullying?

The victim was Im Sang Mi’s younger brother named Im Sang Jin. As a polio sufferer, Im Sang Jin received harsh treatment from his friends at school. The pressure that Sang Jin experienced due to the bullying ended tragically and sadly because he chose to commit suicide.

While grieving at Sang Jin’s funeral, which has no guests, Sang Mi’s family is visited by Pastor Baek Jung Gi. This man is not an ordinary priest, but a cult leader who will make Sang Mi’s family life suffer. How will the story of Sang Mi and her family continue?

6.Beautiful World

drakor about bullying-6_

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